In recent days, the NBA rumors have been swirling around the Washington Wizards. Apparently, their two All-Star players have been referred to, in headlines, as "available." It's even inspired at least one team to inquire about one of them. With John Wall and Bradley Beal both rumored to be on the trading block, one analyst believes the Los Angeles Lakers need to make a move. That could be a great addition to a roster which may need additional scoring talent.

Beal to Lakers a 'perfect fit'

On the latest episode of FS1's "The Herd w/Colin Cowherd," show host Colin Cowherd gave his opinion of the Bradley Beal rumors.

Cowherd says in the video clip below that the Los Angeles Lakers are mentioned a lot in "next year" or future rumors about All-Star players. They include Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson next year, or Anthon Davis in two years. However, Cowherd says the move to be made right now is bringing Bradley Beal to the Lakers' roster.

With Beal possibly available, Cowherd quickly mentioned that he would be a great choice to team up with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, he considers Bradley Beal a "perfect fit" as a sidekick for "King James."

Cowherd, citing Woj and various sources, mentioned that there are NBA rumors the Washington Wizards are breaking up the Wall/Beal combo.

He said not many teams will want Wall, but Beal is a different story. Cowherd mentions that Beal is still young, doesn't need the ball, is a great shooter and an athletic player. The only deficiency may be defense, but it's not terrible either.

NBA interest in Beal, 2019 NBA free agents

The Los Angeles Lakers may need to act quickly to put together a reasonable deal for the Wizards All-Star.

According to Charlotte Observer, the Charlotte Hornets have inquired about bringing Bradley Beal to "Buzz City." That would be a huge move for the roster, which has seen its weight mostly carried by high-scoring All-Star Kemba Walker. So far, there is no word on what has been offered, if anything at all, and how close or not close these teams are to making a deal.

A trade package would have to match up with Beal's $25 million cap hit he's got this season. As far as Hornets' assets, they have future draft picks, along with young players like Miles Bridges, Malik Monk, and Dwayne Bacon that could be made available. Obviously, the Washington Wizards would need to agree to it.

Lakers win now or wait for 2019

Either way, Cowherd's comments make a lot of sense. LeBron James is the main NBA All-Star on a roster consisting of veteran role players and young talent. Some of those young talents are still good to keep around such as Lonzo Ball.

However, the team might consider looking at the other forwards such as Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. An assessment of their ability to contribute to a championship run this year or next is probably in order.

On the other side, the Lakers could add a fellow All-Star alongside LeBron James now, and see how well that does. It could even benefit whichever other players are still on the roster after a deal is made. As Cowherd mentions, the two players who would benefit most are Lonzo Ball and LeBron James.

Beal is averaging 21.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game with 45.5 percent field goal shooting. It should be interesting to see which team pulls the trigger on adding him to their roster. If Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers are serious about winning now, it may be worth the gamble.

Otherwise, the waiting game may be on. The Lakers could have their pick of some of 2019's NBA free agent class which includes Durant, Leonard, Thompson, Walker, Jimmy Butler, and Kyrie Irving, among a few other stars.