Jamal Murray scored 48 points on Kyrie Irving Monday night, leading the Denver Nuggets to a nice 115-107 victory over the Boston Celtics. Irving didn't like that Murray tried to get to 50 points, though, as that would have been too embarrassing. At the end of the game, Irving took the ball and threw it far up and into the stands. He made excuses in the post-game interviews about why he did it, but it's certainly something that could lead to a fine and possible suspension from the NBA.

Murray destroys the Celtics

Jamal Murray made 19-of-30 shots from the field, finishing with 48 points in 38 minutes of game time.

He was also 5-of-11 from the three-point line and 5-of-5 on free throws. Add in the five rebounds and four assists, and it was clear why the Nuggets were able to win this game.

With the big victory over the Celtics, the Denver Nuggets are now 9-1 on the season. That puts them just behind the 10-1 Golden State Warriors for the best record in the Western Conference. Beating up the Celtics, a team that is favored by many NBA analysts to make it to the finals, is a huge step in the right direction for this young team.

Kyrie Irving suspension coming?

In the same game where he was yelling at the Nuggets fans to shut up, Irving let his temper get the best of him after Murray dominated him on Monday night.

Throwing the ball into the stands is going to land him on all of the sports shows that have episodes on Tuesday morning (November 6). Likely, the video will also end up in the offices of the NBA, where the people who decide what behavior is acceptable reside.

Irving and Celtics fans should not be surprised, at all, if the NBA levels a fine upon the star point guard.

NBA fans are told, at length, to not throw things on the court, so there may be an action to ensure that players don't start feeling they can take actions like this one.

Jamal Murray has arrived

What might get lost in Kyrie Irving crying about Jamal Murray, is the fact that the young guard is having a really good season for the Denver Nuggets.

In 10 games during the 2018-19 NBA season, Murray is now averaging 18.9 points per game. If he keeps having nights like he did against the Celtics, he could quickly be averaging north of 20 points per game. That gives this young team another weapon with which to work.

More NBA news

There is a lot going on around the league, even though it's only roughly a month into the season. Kevin Love had to have surgery on his toe. This could keep him on the sidelines of the Cleveland Cavaliers for a while. There is also some early-season trade chatter about Jimmy Butler. Several teams are showing interest in Butler, including the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets. Will the Wolves deal Butler? Could the Cavs deal Love before the NBA trade deadline? Stay tuned!