The deadly prison attack on James “Whitey” Bulger, 89, was so severe that the now-deceased mob boss was “unrecognizable,” according to the New York Times. Bulger’s eyes were “displaced,” appearing “dislodged from his head.” Prison surveillance cameras, however, did capture footage of prison inmates who moved out of the camera’s range before the attack on the aging mobster, who died on October 30. Bulger was attacked, in part, with “a padlock stuffed inside a sock.”

Bulger was in wheelchair, moved out of camera’s range

Bulger, who was in a wheelchair, was rolled into a corner where the brutal assault was inflicted by two inmates, the Times reported.

The physical effects following the beating of Bulger could signal that the attack is related to the Mafia, which may have wanted to deliver “punishment,” the Sun (UK) pointed out.

Boston’s former police commissioner is Ed Davis. He told the Times, “I’m not surprised that [Bulger] got hit,” adding, “I’m surprised that they let him get hit.”

Possible revenge killing -- Mafia style

The mobster was duplicitous, committing crimes while also snitching to FBI agents about the Mafia, according to the Sun (UK). He corrupted some FBI agents with bribes.

As a result, Bulger’s ability to commit additional crimes was uninterrupted. With the corrupt agents not cracking down on him, 19 people were killed as Bulger continued mobbing it up – in the face of law enforcement.

The physical state of Bulger after he was beaten to death is suggestive of a revenge killing -- done Mafia style.

Potential suspect doing life sentence at prison where Bulger died

An inmate at the United States Penitentiary (USP) Hazelton, where Bulger was transferred only a day before his death, is within law enforcement’s scope as a potential instigator,” the Sun noted.

Fotios “Freddy” Geas is reportedly a hitman, who despises rats, like Bulger, and abuse women. Bulger killed women, which is an ultimate form of abuse. Geas certainly would not have befriended Bulger.

Reputed Mafia hitman, ‘lifer’ eyed for potential involvement

According to the Boston Globe, Geas, 51, is a reputed Mafia hitman and a “prison lifer.” Geas is serving a life sentence at USP Hazelton.

He reportedly hired the hitman for the 2003 assassination of the former Mafia mob boss in Springfield, Massachusetts, Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno. The man who killed Bruno, who was at the helm of the Genovese crime family, did no differently than did Bulger: He snitched on Geas, testifying against him.

Hitman’s former lawyer not surprised his client claims he helped in the killing

The lawyer who “initially” represented Geas as a result of the Mafia murder is David Hoose. He told the Globe that it does not “surprise” him to find out that Geas has taken claim for participating in the beating death of Bulger or that his former client will not cooperate in disclosing the name of a potential accomplice.

Geas and his brother Ty Geas, also his criminal “tag team” partner, are cited as acting violently and impulsively. The duo was notorious in Western Massachusetts, where they were “feared,” according to the Globe. House stated that Geas “wouldn’t rat on anybody,” adding, “he had no respect for anyone who would,” the Sun reported.

U.S. attorney’s office confirmed homicide investigation

The U.S. attorney’s office located in West Virginia stated on October 31 that Bulger’s death is definitely under investigation as a homicide. The FBI is also tasked with investigating the mobster’s demise. No further comment was given, however, since no one is seeking to compromise the integrity “of the investigation.”

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