After a World Series win three seasons ago, the Chicago Cubs are a team that has failed to return to the level of success fans expected. Due to that, there have been plenty of Chicago Cubs rumors about which direction the team may go. These have included the potential for landing Bryce Harper, losing Kris Bryant, or even trying to get Manny Machado. Now, there is new speculation regarding their catcher situation, and the Cubs have some interest in a player several other teams may want.

Rumor: Cubs interested in Realmuto

Sirius XM National Sports Radio host Craig Mish sent out an interesting tweet on Friday (November 30).

In his message, he said that the Chicago Cubs are among the teams interested in JT Realmuto. As of this point, it's unknown how much interest the team has in the catcher, but they'd be joining the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants as suitors.

JT Realmuto has been with the Miami Marlins ever since 2014 and put up some career numbers last season. That included 21 home runs, 74 RBIs, and 74 runs in his 477 at-bats. He participated in just 125 games for the Marlins which was his lowest total since 2015. However, the Cubs are seeing some potential there.

Cubs may move away from Contreras

In a report from Bleacher Nation, it's suggested that maybe the Chicago Cubs would be willing to swap Willson Contreras for Realmuto to change up their situation behind the plate. That may sound absurd at first, because of the talent level Contreras posses and the fact that there are just two years of team control left for Realmuto's situation.

Contreras has been in the league, with the Cubs, for three years now. He was a 2018 MLB All-Star and tallied 118 hits, 27 doubles, and a .249 batting average this past season.

Those numbers were somewhat in line with or lower than his previous season. He even had a career-high .282 batting average in his first year with Chicago, so the potential and talent is there.

Some fans may be quick to point out they'd go for a one-for-one exchange of Realmuto and Contreras. Others may look toward getting a bit more from the Marlins, such as a relief pitcher in the deal. With that said, getting two years of Realmuto with his upside may not be such a bad idea for a Cubs team trying to regain their prominence in the National League playoffs.

It's also been suggested that this may be a way for the Marlins or Cubs, or both teams, to get a feel for the asking price within the market.

The Marlins may be looking for a nice package of prospects from other teams, and the Chicago Cubs may not quite be able to offer that.

With other Cubs rumors of pitching staff changes, it wouldn't be all that surprising for them to change their roster in other ways as they attempt to regain success. Cubs fans, would you do a one-for-one swap of Willson Contreras for JT Realmuto?