Bryce Harper has been hearing rumors about possibly ending up with the Chicago Cubs for the last two years. Yes, even a year before he had a chance to become a free-agent there was talk that he would eventually be playing in Wrigley Field. Most of those rumors have to do with the fact that the Washington Nationals are not going to be able to afford him, and the Cubs will likely have the money if they want to pony it up. The Washington Post reports Harper has started to realize that he will not be in the Capital City in 2019. He's started talking about playing his final game for the Nats.

Those conversations seem to be enough for people to start looking at where Harper could really end up when the 2019 season gets going. Are the Cubs really the front-runner, or are they just the team that seems like the "sexiest" pick? It appears oddsmakers really do believe the outfielder will indeed be making his home in the Windy City before too long.

Harper unofficially rules out Washington

The Washington Nationals are going to be finishing out their 2018 season at home. That means that Bryce Harper will be able to say goodbye to his fans, even if he isn't saying that he is actually leaving. Such is the life of a Major League Baseball star who knows he can get a bigger payday if he goes somewhere else.

When asked by the Washington Post about his thoughts heading into the final week of the season and his final games for the Nats he didn't really downplay the fact that he would be eventually leaving. “I think it’ll really hit that last game I guess, running off the field or something like that. I’m just trying to enjoy it and see what happens.” Bryce Harper doesn't sound like someone who thinks he's going to be returning to the only team he's played for in the Major Leagues.

Chicago Cubs the favorite to land Harper after the season

Bleacher Nation points out that the betting site, Bovada, has now made odds public on where Harper will end up. The site has put the odds on the Cubs landing the outfielder as 3/2, which is easily the best odds of any team in the Major Leagues.

The team with the next best chance of getting the slugger is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

They have odds of 7/2 assigned to them. The New York Yankees come next at 9/2 and then the Philadelphia Phillies have an outside shot at getting Bryce Harper with odds of 13/2. It should be pointed out Bovada does not believe the Washington Nationals are completely out of the running as they currently have 7/1 odds.