If Chicago Cubs fans needed any more proof that things are not going well following the 2018 season, then hopefully the latest rumors about Jim Hickey will finally convince them. A report started circulating on Wednesday morning (November 7) that the Cubs' pitching coach, who was hired last offseason, could be on his way out of the door. ESPN 1000's Jesse Rogers appears the be the first one to be pushing this story, but it's unlikely he's the only one. Bleacher Nation has already picked it up and is lending some credence to the talk.

Chicago moving on from another coach

"I'm pretty sure Jim Hickey is not back...I don't believe Jim Hickey is back. I'm pretty much reporting that at this moment. Cubs would have three different hitting and pitching coaches in three years if Hickey is fired," Rogers said on the Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast. Hickey leaving Chicago would be a rather big problem for a number of reasons. As Rogers points out, the biggest issue is that the team would have to adjust to yet another pitching coach.

Considering the team is already going to have to deal with a third hitting coach in three years, this particular development has the look of disarray.

That's the opposite look of what the club has been trying to give off since the season ended. They haven't managed to really offset that appearance with breaking news over the last few days. The Chicago Cubs are having problems keeping some bad news under wraps.

Cubs appear to be in disarray

The real problem here is that it isn't clear whether Jim Hickey is leaving on his own or whether he's been handed his walking papers.

Both answers make sense, and that's not good either. With the confirmation from the Cubs that they won't talk about an extension with manager Joe Maddon until later in 2019, it's possible Hickey wants to go somewhere that has a bit more stability. On the flip side, the relationship between the Cubs and Joe Maddon has never appeared to be worse.

Is there a power struggle going on that has forced Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein to show they hold all the cards? When you pair this news up with rumors, I feel that the Cubs aren't looking to spend much money this offseason. Things are not going well in Wrigley. Perhaps something like signing a big name free agent would stem the tide of bad news. That big name free agent is going to have to need a bigger name than Andrew McCutchen, though, and it doesn't appear as though Bryce Harper is going to be wearing Cub pinstripes anytime soon.