5 things to know about Nebraska football target Wandale Robinson

Wandale Robinson announced he is going to commit on November 1 and the Nebraska football team is considered one of the finalists.


He's likely the top target left on Nebraska's board

Wandale Robinson is the kind of game changer back the Huskers are looking for. He's a 4-star consensus all-purpose back who is likely the biggest "get" of the 2019 class.


He's actually a triple threat

Few athletes fit the "all-purpose" billing better than Wandale Robinson. Not only is he a good receiver out of the backfield, but he's been called on to throw more than a few passes. Over his career, he's 14 for 21 for 295 yards. This season he's completed 7 of 9 for 138 yards. That includes a 53-yard gainer.


He could eclipse career highs this season

You might not be shocked to see that a senior is having a better season than his sophomore or junior years, but when you look at what he's done in his career, being close to beating those numbers are huge. Through seven games, Robinson has 1,379 yards rushing. He's also got 21 touchdowns. Last year, he had 2,330 yards rushing and 33(!) touchdowns. With the possibility of five games left in the season, it's possible he could beat both of those career highs.


He's got returner skills

While we watch the Nebraska football team struggle on special teams, keep in mind that Wandale Robinson has handled punt and kick return for his high school. This year, he's done far more punt return than kick return, but in the past that's been the reverse. Someone of his speed on the return team could only help.


Nebraska might be the darkhorse at this point

The bad news, after reading about just how good Wandale Robinson is the Huskers might actually be in third place when it comes to the race for his services. He just paid a visit to Ohio State, who has to be considered the front runner. Kentucky and their surprise season has some analysts believing the Wildcats are more attractive than they used to be for the Kentucky native. With a commit date set for November 1, it will be interesting to see how often and how the Huskers' staff checks in.

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