Rajon Rondo has had an interesting career in the NBA and now he is preparing to play with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Over his career, Rondo has played for an NBA Finals team in the Boston Celtics and recently helped the New Orleans Pelicans made life tough for the Portland Trail Blazers. Now, he is a Laker and is a teammate with James, someone he has a long history with.

Rondo says LeBron isn't who he thought he was

Rajon Rondo was part of the reason that LeBron James joined the Miami Heat many years ago. While playing for the Boston Celtics, Rondo was part of a superteam that included Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

As a matter of fact, those Celtics played the Los Angeles Lakers in the last time that L.A. made an NBA Finals appearance.

LeBron joined the Heat and that is when Miami took over leadership of the Eastern Conference in the NBA away from the Boston Celtics. Then, after LeBron left Miami for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he led them to the top of the Eastern Conference once again. Now, LeBron and Rondo are in Los Angeles and the Western Conference.

In a recent interview, Rajon Rondo said that LeBron James is not who he thought he was before playing alongside him.

According to Rajon Rondo, he played against LeBron James for 13 years now and his idea of who James is has changed from his days of playing against him on the court.

One thing that Rondo points out is that LeBron is a better leader on the floor than he thought he was.

Rajon also said that LeBron is able to lead the team down the court, something that Rondo has done for the teams he played for over the last decade-plus. He said that he has always had to be vocal in driving his team down the court and he doesn't need to worry about that with the Los Angeles Lakers because he trusts LeBron James.

Ronda and LeBron share something in common

While LeBron James and Rajon Rondo have had their fair share of conflict on the court and Rondo has always been vocal, the two actually share something good in common with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rondo has always been seen as a huge basketball mind and might be one of the best passing men in the NBA.

On the other hand, LeBron James might be one of the smartest players on the court and seems to bring out the best in his teammates no matter how good -- or in the case of this year's Los Angeles Lakers -- how unusual his team is.

LeBron James will make his debut at the STAPLES Center as a part of the Los Angeles Lakers tonight in their preseason game against the Denver Nuggets.