New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis will become a free agent in the summer of 2021 and he has a huge decision to make at that time. While the Pelicans would love for Davis to remain with them for the long-term, there are a lot of big market teams that are in the hunt for a big man with the skills of Davis. One of these teams is the Los Angeles Lakers and the allure of playing with LeBron James might be too much for Davis to pass up.

Will Anthony Davis join LeBron with the Lakers?

Chris Sheridan of Get More Sports reported that Anthony Davis has four teams in mind -- on top of the New Orleans Pelicans -- for when he becomes a free agent in 2021.

Those teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

That is really no surprise as three of those teams are championship caliber squads. The Lakers have LeBron James, the Celtics have Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving and the 76ers have Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The Knicks, while not a contender, have the legacy behind them and are in big market New York City.

Plus, there are rumors that Kevin Durant might be eying New York and having Durant and Anthony Davis both join the Knicks could turn them into the next Miami Heat when looking at the year that LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade there.

But, looking at the options, who wouldn't want to play with LeBron James and the legendary Los Angeles Lakers?

The Lakers and King James

Here is the problem. LeBron James is playing his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. By 2021, he will be entering his third season with the team and he didn't play more than four years with the Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers despite constant NBA Finals appearances.

By the midway mark of the 2021 NBA season, LeBron James will also turn 37-years-old, and how much time will the King have left in the NBA by that point?

On the other hand, Anthony Davis will only turn 29 in the 2021-22 NBA season and will have many years left. Could Davis join LeBron just in time to see the King go out in style and the Lakers become Davis' team?

That is an interesting proposition.

With that said, the rumors right now indicate that Anthony Davis is considering playing for the Boston Celtics.

Davis is 25, Kyrie Irving in 26 and Gordon Hayward is 28. Add in 20-year-old Jayson Tatum and that is a very young lineup that could become the Golden State Warriors for the next generation.

2021 is three years away, so Anthony Davis has a lot of time to make his decision but both the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are intriguing possibilities for the young star.