When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors, his reputation took a hit. Durant played poorly in the Thunder's playoff series against the Warriors when they could have won and then left for the Warriors a few months later.

When CJ McCollum posted on Twitter that it was similar to a person getting jumped by a gang with their brothers and then joining the game and forgetting about his brothers a few months later. Kevin Durant was not happy and responded to that tweet claiming that it was nothing like that. Only, it was exactly like that and now Durant might see his legacy tarnished.

While Kevin Durant will never admit that he took the easy way out by joining the team that just beat him, he now has to live with the fact that he basically admitted he couldn't win a title without joining the guys who beat his former team.

Will Kevin Durant leave Warriors?

According to Golden State Warriors insider Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, He believes that Kevin Durant will leave the team after this season. Durant can opt out of his deal and any team in the NBA would be happy to have his talents.

If the Warriors win the title again this year, like many expect them to, Durant will have three straight NBA titles.

Would Durant risk everything by trying to prove that he can win a title without playing with the guys who beat him before he joined them? If he wants more money and a guarantee to fight for more NBA titles, the Warriors is the place to be.

If he wants to prove that he is as good as Michael Jordan and LeBron James, he might need to prove he is good enough to win as the main leader on a team.

Klay Thompson finds new Lakers rivalry exciting

There might be one thing that could keep Kevin Durant with the Golden State Warriors outside of the money.

LeBron James has joined the Los Angeles Lakers and that will surely chance the Western Conference. Everywhere LeBron has gone has turned into a winner thanks to him.

Could LeBron James turn around the Los Angeles Lakers and bring danger to the Golden State Warriors title opportunities? With the Houston Rockets stronger this year, the Warriors are not assured of an easy trip to the NBA Finals at all. If LeBron builds a winner, which Klay Thompson believes he will, it makes things exciting.

Kevin Durant might find that helping the Golden State Warriors keep their grip in the Western Conference against a new-look Los Angeles Lakers to be too exciting to leave. If Durant and the Warriors can hold down LeBron, that might be all Durant needs to cement his legacy.