Millions of people play Fantasy Football on a weekly basis, and just like head coaches preparing their lineups and injury reports, fantasy players do the same. That being said, many Fantasy Football players are dealing with the biggest dilemma of the early 2018 season -- what to do with Steelers running back Le’veon Bell.

Bell is one of the best, if not the best running back in the game today. Nevertheless, if your fantasy draft took place well before Week 1 like most do, there’s a good chance that you or someone in your league selected Bell early on.

So now what? Bell is still holding out on the Steelers for a long-term deal, and the Pittsburgh front office shows no signs of budging. In fact, the Steelers' latest move seems to make fans believe that Pittsburgh is ready to move on from Bell altogether.

Bell off list

According to a Steelers Wire report, Pittsburgh released an updated depth chart on Tuesday and there is no longer a holding place for Bell. Yes, Bell has been removed from the official depth chart until he shows up. Will this light a fire under the former Michigan State Spartan? With Bell losing out on a reported $853,000 per game, this latest move of cat and mouse between him and the Steelers organization should get interesting very quickly.

Stay patient

While the Steelers are concerned about what direction to go in with Bell, so are fantasy players. So if you have Bell on your roster, what do you do now? Stay patient. Just like a real NFL General Manager, you don’t want to squander away one of the best in the game for nothing -- at least not yet. If and when Bell returns, he could fetch a high price on the market for fantasy players.

However, right now you could be dealing away a gold chip for only pennies in return.

If you happen to have Bell and his backup James Conner on your team, you aren’t in a bad position at all at this time. Conner -- a Pittsburgh native and former Pittsburgh Panthers standout -- had a great game in Week 1 filling in for Bell. indicates that Conner racked up 135 yards rushing while scoring two touchdowns.

Conner would probably be getting more hype if the Steelers game didn't end in a tie against the rival Browns.

One thing to also keep in mind is that no one has been better than Bell at the running back position since 2014 in terms of collecting those valuable fantasy points. Now is not the time to deal him away, even if he holds out for a week or two longer. Just like a potential hit on the stock market, hold on to Bell a little longer.