LeBron James, the highly praised NBA basketball player with a soft spot for the youth has had a lot to celebrate. He just opened the I Promise school recently which he said made Monday one of the greatest days of his life. And he is a newly minted Los Angeles Lakers player with determination to take the team to greater heights.

But he is not the only one making it big. Some of the most prominent colored women in entertainment are gracing the covers of the most stylish magazines. "King James" took the time to celebrate their achievements. He posted on Instagram for his 35 million followers, showing support for these entertainment powerhouses which included Beyonce, Aja King, Rihanna and many others.

He captioned it with, "Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settled [sic] and setting great examples in life for some many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching!#womenpower."

The backlash

Though for James this was a celebratory moment, some Instagram users simply could not join him. And this was not LeBron's first social media bump recently.

He received Twitter criticism from the "kKng" of Twitter wars himself; President Donald Trump for his CNN interview with Don Lemon. And though he did not respond to the attack, some took the liberty on themselves to come to his defense, like the current First Lady, Melania Trump, and former first lady Hillary Clinton.

But it was not the first ladies alone who decided to defend his honour. Fellow athletes rose up on his side, and among them was Michael Jordan who many believe the president was referring to in his tweet against LeBron.

But this time around, some of the Instagram users who viewed LeBron's post took serious offense.

The comments rolled in, with some of them reading:

  • "I'm proud to be white, I'm just as powerful, influencial and beautiful as any other woman. We are all equal."
  • And another user asked, "What about white women?"

The counter for color

Although many of the white female population on Instagram expressed their hurt, some did celebrate with LeBron.

One Instagram user posted, "Speaking as a white woman, it empowers me to see women of color being celebrated as strong. Women of all colors are strong. We, as women, have the power to change this world, this country. We start by supporting each other. Much love, @kingjames."

Although some people took offense, it is evident that Lebron James did not intend to offend anyone or belittle any race with the post.