President Donald Trump chose to use hit free time on Twitter by insulting the intelligence of NBA superstar LeBron James. When Trump posted his twitter post, he said that Don Lemon interviewed LeBron. Trump then called Lemon the "dumbest man on television" and then said he even made James look smart, which "isn't easy to do." Trump then finished by saying "I like Mike," referring to the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James GOAT debates.

Sadly for the president, Jordan didn't want his support. According to the New York Daily News, Jordan released a statement through his publicist that said that he supports LeBron and pointed out the "amazing job" that James has done for his community.

MJ and Lebron

What Michael Jordan was referring to was the fact that LeBron James has done a lot of work to help kids in his home of Akron, OH. Just last week, a new public school that LeBron financed opened to help at-risk kids. This is just a small taste of what James has done to help people in need -- especially kids.

On the other hand, before he was president, The Guardian reported that Donald Trump had to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits when he created his own Trump University -- a non-accredited venture.

While LeBron is helping put kids through school, some people should be careful about what they say.

The best thing is that, after Donald Trump called two men "dumb" in his tweet, LeBron took the high road and just sent love to the kids at his new I PROMISE School.

Others come out in support of LeBron

One thing that President Donald Trump's Twitter account does is bring people together to support others.

That has happened after the latest tweets calling LeBron James dumb.

NBA superstar Karl-Anthony Towns pointed to the problems in Flint, MI and wondered why President Trump was busy insulting two of the American citizens he represents instead of trying to fix things wrong in America.

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell pointed out that people who attack others are showing signs of insecurity and do it to make themselves feel better.

NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith wondered why anyone would take to Twitter to call two "black men dumb" and wondered why the President of the United States is late-night tweeting anyway.

NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe also wondered why President Donald Trump insulted LeBron James and Don Lemon on Twitter, saying it should be beneath the dignity of the POTUS to do so.