Some days are grumpier than others indeed, as Tardar Sauce's family announced that Grumpy Cat has "left the building" at the age of seven in the comforting arms of her "mommy" on Tuesday morning May 14.

The family released official statements about Grumpy's sad departure on her different social media accounts to her over eight million fans with the caption, "Some days are grumpier than others." And I could not agree more.

A grave loss to many

Grumpy's family said in their official statement that her rather early departure; as domestic cats have the life expectancy of between 13 and 17 years, was due to complications with a urinary tract infection.

And the online community jumped to pass on their condolences, making it abundantly clear that Grumpy 's death was not a loss to the family alone but also to all who drew their strength from this grumpy mix-breed feline.

One fan commented, "We are heartbroken by this news. Minnie and Max send their deepest regrets to Grumpy 's family. Rest in peace sweetheart." She followed this with a bunch of hearts and tagged it with #legend. Looking at how Grumpy Cat outlasted most cats on the online platform, she might just be.

And another wrote "See you over the Rainbow Bridge little one. Thank you for the smiles and joy you brought us. Rest In Peace little love.

Actually, it's clear that Tardar Sauce who was well known as Grumpy, was a friend to all.

Life in the public eye

Grumpy, like most legends we know today, rose to fame online. It was six years ago when her 'mother;' Tabatha Bundesen, posted a picture of her on Reddit captioned, "Meet grumpy cat," sharing her cute yet grumpy feline with the world and it was a climb to stardom from there.

Grumpy Cat's frown became a universal language for contempt, with people captioning words above and below her face on various pictures, creating hilarious memes that lasted for ages on the internet.

And the most famous yet, according to the New York Times is still, "I had fun once, it was awful".

Grumpy Cat enjoyed time as a movie star when she got the chance to star in a Christmas Lifetime movie titled after her, "Grumpy Cat 's Worst Christmas Ever." And she played author, with her book making number seven on The New York Times how-to and miscellaneous best-seller list.

She triumphed at the Webby Awards snatching "Meme of the Year" in 2013 and not to mention becoming the "spokescat" of cat food and treats brand, Friskies. She also had small screen time featuring on a "Honey Nut Cheerios" advertisement.

Though Grumpy Cat's perfect frown was said to be as a result of a form of dwarfism, it raked in some money for her family. Her owner Tabatha was reported by The New York Times, to have gotten a settlement of $710,000 from suing a coffee company that made a Grumpaccino, for copyright infringement in 2018.

To those near to the cat, Grumpy Cat was far from grumpy, with her owners writing, "She is a super cute and cuddly kitty and loves to be held and rubbed."