The newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers has been seeing no shortage of headlines in recent weeks. His recent opening of a public school for at-risk kids in Akron, Ohio garnered plenty of attention and praise from NBA stars, other athletes and many individuals in general. Next in line was his CNN interview, conducted by Don Lemon, which drew a critical tweet from President Trump. In addition to all of that, LeBron was sighted out and about with his former Cavs' teammate and three random women.

LeBron James and Tristan Thompson visit Toronto

LeBron James and Tristan Thompson were teammates for multiple seasons in Cleveland.

They won a championship together there just a few seasons ago as well. Since then, LeBron signed with the L.A. Lakers this summer, and Thompson stayed put in Cleveland. However, the two are still friends off-court. That was evidenced when LeBron broke up a fight that reportedly involved Thompson and the Warriors' Draymond Green.

It also was evidenced via new photo footage that has surfaced from Toronto. According to BET, Thompson and LeBron attended a show for the hip-hop group Migos as part of Toronto's Caribana festival. While that wasn't really controversial, it was the image of them having lunch after the concert that has raised eyebrows.

As seen in the photo above, Thompson, James, and a third man are having lunch with a group of three women.

It's been pointed out by more than a few individuals that none of these women are LeBron or Tristan's significant others. James is currently married to Savannah, while Thompson is romantically linked to Khloe Kardashian.

A man claiming he knew one of the women in the photo chimed in with a comment about what took place.

He mentioned, "This girl seriously met and partied with LeBron, Tristan & Migos I can’t even be mad at her for not picking up my call.[sic]"

Thompson and LeBron's significant others

Per BET's report, Thompson has been trying to salvage his relationship with Kardashian. The two have been having issues since at least a few months ago, if not further back than that, based on news reports.

They also have a daughter together named True Thompson.

James has been happily married, based on appearances and reports since 2013. He married Savannah Brinson, who is currently 31 years old. The two are sweethearts and she also attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Ohio. Together, the couple has three children, LeBron "Bronny" James Jr., Bryce Maximus James, and Zhuri James.

LeBron has been highly visible in terms of attending Bronny's AAU basketball games, and Savannah has also been seen at the games in Los Angeles. It's entirely possible that the other man in the photo with the two NBA stars wanted to impress a few female friends, or they were "friends of friends." Either way, so far there are no reports of any marital or relationship discourse as a result of it.