WWE star Bray Wyatt is recovering after the three-car accident he was involved in last week. It caused him to miss a television appearance due to being injured. It also appears he was considered a responsible party for the crash occurring, based on the latest reports. WWE fans are now wondering if Wyatt will be able to participate in his upcoming title match following the incident. Here are the latest details on Bray's situation after the car crash last Friday.

Wyatt cited for reckless driving

A report from the TMZ website says that the incident report suggests that WWE superstar Bray Wyatt showed "failure to operate his vehicle in a careful and prudent manner." In addition, the report described Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda, was "inattentive" while driving his vehicle.

It resulted in two other cars crashing with Bray hitting one that crashed into the other. Reportedly, Bray's car was totaled and he was treated at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, for multiple injuries.

Following Wyatt's accident, a WWE report stated that it was a "head-on collision" and left his car totaled. Wyatt told TMZ after the crash, "I'm gonna live through it because I can't die." This almost seems to still be part of the Bray Wyatt persona he's been involved in playing for WWE over the years with Bray claiming some sort of immortality.

Missed 'RAW,' upcoming PPV match

Wyatt was forced to miss WWE "RAW" this past Monday (July 2) following his accident. That left his tag team partner, Matt Hardy on his own for the show. Matt took on The B-Team's Curtis Axel who defeated him in the match.

The WWE has not changed the pay-per-view match that Bray Wyatt will participate in at Extreme Rules 2018.

He's currently booked to help his tag team partner, Matt Hardy, defend their titles against the team of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. That's scheduled for Sunday, July 15 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Matt Hardy put the opponents on notice, so it looks like things are still in place for the match.

It appears Bray Wyatt won't need any more time for injury recovery.

So far, it seems his injuries were not too severe as he was treated and released from the hospital. However, in the case of concussions or something serious, WWE may want to play it safe. They haven't mentioned exactly what sorts of injuries Bray is dealing with from his car being totaled.

In addition, there hasn't been any determination or reports that Wyatt was under the influence during the crash. If that had been the case, WWE would have certainly suspended Wyatt in the immediate future, meaning the WWE "RAW" tag titles would probably shift to new owners. Right now, the best news is that Bray Wyatt wasn't hurt too seriously in the accident.