In the WWE universe, fans are becoming used to superstars being sidelined with injuries. Many of those injuries have resulted in top stars being on the shelf for months without any real presence on WWE programming. It can halt any momentum or potential for a run that superstar has. In a surprise to many fans, the latest of those injuries have hit "Raw" star Sami Zayn. A WWE news report has revealed Zayn has been working with the injury for almost a year. It's also noted that the shoulder injury and recent surgery will have him out for over a year with hopes for a return by a major pay-per-view in 2019.

Zayn's shoulder injury

In a recent report on the WWE website, they have an interview with Sami Zayn after he had shoulder surgery. Zayn mentioned he had to have his right shoulder operated on in Birmingham, Alabama. He also said he'd been working with the injury for "some time" now. The "Raw" star thinks he tore his right rotator cuff during a WWE Live event in Montreal last August. Zayn added that he believes the injury occurred back then during his match against Jinder Mahal.

However, the kicker is that Zayn also will need surgery on his left shoulder for a torn rotator cuff.

Sami said that the left shoulder has been his bad shoulder and "started to act up again." He originally suffered that injury way back in 2009 when he was in a match against his good friend Kevin Owens. Due to the situation with the left rotator cuff, he'll need another surgery in about six or seven weeks from now. The good news is that the first surgery went well, according to Zayn.

The bad news is he'll be out for at least the rest of this year and several months into 2019.

Zayn's timeline for a return to the ring

Having to recover from two shoulder surgeries will have Sami Zayn out of action for some time. However, Zayn seems optimistic that he'll get to be a part of WWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year in 2019.

Zayn said, "I should be ready in time for WrestleMania," adding, "fingers crossed."

Zayn had recently been competing as a member of the WWE "Raw" roster, along with his pal Kevin Owens. Each of them has been involved in different feuds. Zayn was part of a match with Bobby Lashley and Owens was part of the recent ladder match at "Money in the Bank 2018." Zayn was defeated by Lashley, which looks like his final PPV match for many months.

Sami Zayn has always been a superstar that fans have hoped to see rise to more fame than he has so far. During his time on the main roster, he's been part of plenty of title chases but has yet to achieve a memorable title reign. He was the fifth superstar to win the NXT Championship while participating on that roster and held onto it for two months before losing it to Owens.

As he recently mentioned in his interview on the WWE website, Sami is hoping to come back "just as good, if not better" than he's ever been. Many WWE fans will be hoping that includes something big for "WrestleMania 35" and a good championship reign in the next year.