When Matt and Jeff Hardy made their return to the WWE at "WrestleMania 33," it was a huge shock for the fans. They had denied they were returning and even wrestled in an intense ladder match for Ring of Honor Wrestling the day before. However, the Hardy Boyz made their WWE return and won the tag team titles. Now, insider Dave Meltzer says that the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick might end up in the WWE as well.

Broken Matt Hardy

For fans who only watch WWE wrestling, the chants of "delete" and the white streak in the hair of Matt Hardy might seem confusing.

In 2015, Tna Impact Wrestling was facing hard times and almost went out of business. Matt and Jeff Hardy offered their help and created some of the biggest moments and angles in TNA in 2015. Matt had worked as a villain for a few years in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor as an entitled and rich wrestler. He changed his gimmick to that of an insane and "broken" wrestler and his career skyrocketed once again.

After Matt Hardy feuded with Jeff, resulting in a match at Matt's home in North Carolina called "Final Deletion," the two then rejoined forces, with Jeff Hardy changing his name to Brother Nero and the two became the hottest act in Impact Wrestling. They had more matches at their home, including one against the tag team Decay and another that was a tag team invitational, and they might have actually saved Impact Wrestling.

However, when Anthem Sports bought Impact Wrestling, the Hardy Boyz left and went to Ring of Honor. Anthem strongarmed the Hardy's and Ring of Honor and threatened a lawsuit against Ring of Honor and Matt Hardy if they used the Broken gimmick. Now that they are back in the WWE, the word is that they are working on a deal to bring the Broken Matt gimmick to the WWE.

Jeff Hardy in a single's push

The second major rumor concerns Jeff Hardy. If Matt Hardy starts using the Broken Matt gimmick again in the WWE, either Jeff could join him or go against him. After Jeff worked the main event on "Monday Night Raw" this week against Cesaro, the word is that the WWE wants to push Jeff as a single's star again, something he excelled at last time he worked for the company.

Jeff Hardy was a three-time world champion in the WWE and held the world title three times in TNA Impact Wrestling as well. While the Hardy Boyz are working as a great nostalgia act right now, and fans still love them, the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick could really work to lengthen their shelf life in the new WWE.