Tony Parker has made the choice to leave the San Antonio Spurs and join the Charlotte Hornets on a two-year deal. The franchise has been riddled with drama for the past season, with Kawhi Leonard's injury and how they handled it. The Spurs' organization has been a model of excellence in the league and this year was something totally unseen and unheard of. Now, the veteran point guard will be taking his talents elsewhere. Could this also fuel the Kemba Walker trade rumors?

A new team

Tony Parker has spent his entire basketball career with the Spurs organization and now he is taking his talents to the Charlotte Hornets, a team that could be in for a rebuild in the near future.

According to ESPN: "Tony Parker has agreed to a two-year, $10 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets....bringing to a close his 17-year career with San Antonio Spurs."

This was inevitable for the organization, as the veteran has been regulated to a lesser role, serving as a bench player with his minutes cut for rookie Dejounte Murray, who the franchise sees as the future. Parker will be playing a much bigger role with the Hornets as a backup to Kemba Walker, but many rumors have been sparked that Walker could end up with another team in the offseason. Walker might want to leave the organization to reach the playoffs as the Hornets have not made the postseason in quite some time now.

Parker will be playing with his friend Nicolas Batum and star Kemba Walker.

But the veteran will most likely be playing off the bench to let younger players get playing time. A trade of Walker could move the player up to a starting role. It has to be seen how much Tony Parker has left to give to the game after overcoming a devastating injury to his left quadriceps tendon.

The end of a dynasty in San Antonio

The news signals that the end of the great dynasty is upon San Antonio.

A quote from Deadspin lists how the end is here: "With Tim Duncan gone, Manu Ginobili considering retirement, and Kawhi Leonard agitating his way out of town, the great Spurs dynasty of the last two decades is finally fading into memory." The roster that made the team so good has started to crumble. The Spurs have long been one of the best teams in the league, but they struggled to just get into the postseason with their star player Kawhi Leonard out for most of last year.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was able to keep them afloat with his terrific coaching and smart game planning. But there was drama behind the scenes, as the franchise was riddled with tension from Kawhi Leonard not wanting to return to play for the Spurs, despite being cleared by team doctors.

Then, Parker and others held a team meeting, imploring Leonard to come back for the playoffs, which made matters worse.

Kawhi Leonard has stated that he wants to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, but the team is reluctant to trade him there, as the Lakers are a contender in the same conference and an up and coming team after signing LeBron James in the offseason. Could Leonard end up with the Lakers anyway? That's a question to get addressed later in the NBA offseason.