A team that had been expected to be heavy participants in the free agent market this summer was the Philadelphia 76ers. Unfortunately, the Sixers, like many other NBA teams, lost out on LeBron James, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins. Philadelphia had also been linked to Tyreke Evans, but he's since signed elsewhere. The team was also mentioned as wanting to try to trade for San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard, but nothing has materialized. That has led to NBA rumors for some other trades they might consider, including one for the Hornets' Kemba Walker, who has been linked to prior NBA trade rumors.

Kemba Walker's situation

It's no secret that Kemba Walker is among the top guards in the league today. He's achieved some of the all-time records for his Charlotte Hornets team and has made the All-Star team in his last two seasons. However, one thing that has escaped Walker has been some success in the NBA playoffs. His teams have bowed out earlier than expected, and that has left Walker, like other NBA players, wanting to taste more.

The Hornets have tried to make different moves each season to give Walker more help.

Last season, it was adding big man Dwight Howard to the mix. He had his standout games, but once again, the team failed to make the playoffs. Just today (July 6), the Hornets signed long-time veteran point guard Tony Parker.

The multiple-time champion and NBA All-Star with the Spurs is now expected to back up Walker. Kemba is also set to become a free agent next summer, just like the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard. That could mean Charlotte needs to be wowed by a team's offer before they lose Kemba as a free agent.

Philly has plenty to offer, will they benefit?

As mentioned by The Philly Voice's Evan Macy on July 3, the Sixers are a team that has the potential to make a trade for Kemba Walker. They have a lot to offer, including their future draft picks and a roster that has younger players, as well as some veterans. That includes Markelle Fultz, Rodney Covington, and Dario Saric, as well as their recent draft picks, including first-rounder Zhaire Smith.

The main issue with Kemba in Philadelphia would be that the team doesn't need a point guard, necessarily. Ben Simmons has been emerging as the leader and the floor general. Walker is a player who has been consistently improving as a scorer, to the point he is now the all-time Hornets leader in points scored. His three-point shooting isn't so bad either.

That said, it just seems Kemba Walker may not be a player that will truly boost the Sixers to where they want to be. Another player mentioned in the same Philly Voice article is Kevin Love, who may be a much smarter acquisition for Philly via trade. Even so, the Sixers don't really need to make a big trade right now. They can also wait for next summer to arrive and sign Walker, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, or maybe Kawhi Leonard.