Even though Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker has brushed off NBA rumors, it seems they won't go away. The longtime star of the franchise has become the team's leader in points scored, among other categories. However, the team has also suffered from a lack of playoff success. Now, there are deals being suggested to move Walker ahead of his upcoming free agency. In included rumors of Walker to the Sixers. The latest involves Kemba Walker heading to the Brooklyn Nets for guard D'Angelo Russell.

Trade to Nets suggested

Clutch Points reported on a tweet, posted by The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell, discussing the Nets' recent trades.

He said in the deal to obtain Kenneth Faried, the Nets obtained a first-round pick. However, they also lost Jeremy Lin to the Atlanta Hawks. That's where Bonnell ponders the idea of GM Sean Marks looking into acquiring Kemba Walker. He seems to be suggesting a trade involving the Nets' recently-acquired future pick in a deal for Walker.

Clutch Points' Bruno Manrique proposes the idea of what else the trade could involve. He suggests that the Nets send D'Angelo Russell to Charlotte in the deal.

Manrique notes that Russell has a $7 million salary (with a $16 million option if Charlotte takes it) and Walker has a $12 million salary. The swap would be easier due to the numbers, but would the Hornets go for it?

Both of these teams have been rebuilding. Even though the Charlotte Hornets have an emerging All-Star in Walker, the team has had trouble advancing past the first round of the playoffs in their few recent appearances.

Meanwhile, Walker is due to become an NBA free agent next summer, if he chooses. Brooklyn is also right near his stomping grounds of the Bronx. He may prefer to play there until he can become a free agent and join another top star somewhere else.

Rebuilding time in Charlotte?

The Hornets didn't make too many big offseason moves.

They drafted Miles Bridges from Michigan State. The team's top pick last season, Malik Monk, has suffered a broken thumb during the summer. Charlotte also picked up veteran guard Tony Parker, who officially left the Spurs. He's supposed to play backup to Walker but could be there in the event of a trade. The lack of moves is curious, based on the fact that this team didn't come too close to cracking a spot in the top eight at the end of last season.

The biggest thing with Kemba Walker, outside of him being a smaller point guard, is the money situation. As a free agent, he'll be well worth the salary he will command next summer. His potential re-signing with Charlotte could be one of the most lucrative deals seen in recent history, but could also push the team over the luxury-tax limits.

The Hornet's front office may decide that the Walker era in Charlotte must come to a close. They realize that they haven't done a whole lot to build around him outside of draft picks and a few pickups. Dwight Howard was arguably a big move last offseason, but now he's gone. The fans in Charlotte are getting restless over the lack of success in "Buzz City." There were previous NBA rumors that a deal may happen this past season but nothing materialized. Team owner Michael Jordan indicated getting an "All-Star player" in return would be the only way he'd make a Kemba Walker trade.

With the franchise under a new general manager in Mitch Kupchak, one has to wonder if the direction of the Charlotte Hornets is about to change.

Kupchak seemed to say that Walker will be a major focus for the team moving forward. However, that focus may shift to his value to the team in a trade. The fact that Brooklyn has the potential to offer a young guard in D'Angelo Russell, or a possible lottery pick in a deal, might be intriguing enough for Kupchak to bid Walker farewell.