It may be time to put a hold on those NBA rumors that Dwyane Wade is going to play alongside LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers next season. New speculation has arrived that D-Wade could end up playing overseas if he likes the contract he's offered. Based on the rumors, that could be a hefty contract to try to entice the NBA champion to play in China.

Flying Tigers could make a huge offer

A report from Bleacher Report (via Zhang Duo/Sportando) indicated that the Xinjiang Flying Tigers are prepared to offer Dwyane Wade a proposal for a "monster" contract.

The news comes as Wade had been promoting his newest shoe, the "Way of the Wade 7" in China. Wade told the Associated Press' Tim Reynolds that he wasn't focusing on his Basketball future right now. Instead, he was focused on "the game after basketball." That includes media and business ventures, something which has become all the rage for professional athletes as they look towards "life after basketball."

Wade seems like he is nearing the tail end of his career. However, he was still relatively productive last season in his appearances for the Cavs and Heat. The former NBA All-Star averaged 11.4 points per game along with 3.4 assists, on average.

The Flying Tigers realize that he's not only productive but that his name alone would help bring more fans out to the games.

Several other players have made bank by playing for overseas teams. Former NBA player Jimmer Fredette re-signed for $1.8 million to play for the Shanghai Sharks in 2017. However, Alexey Shved is the highest-paid overseas player.

He was given a deal worth $10.2 million by the Russian team Khimki in 2015.

Wade considering NBA retirement soon?

It would be surprising to see Wade leave the United States to play for a basketball team in China. Wade has pretty much accomplished what many aspiring basketball players want to in the NBA. He's won multiple championships, been named NBA finals MVP, been on the Olympics squads, and achieved many All-Star appearances.

One of Wade's latest moves in terms of his NBA career was to head to the Cleveland Cavaliers to join his pal, LeBron James, who now dines with Al Pacino. The team they had assembled early in that season changed drastically, though, as the Cavs' front office decided to reboot. Wade headed back to play for the Miami Heat, his original franchise.

Most likely, Dwyane Wade is going to decide if he wants to continue playing for the Miami Heat, despite rumors of core players getting traded, or simply hang up his jersey and shoes. While other NBA stars like Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson have made the move to play overseas, perhaps Wade will stay in the US and consider the Big 3 League.

Before Dwyane Wade even contemplates playing in another league, he'll probably need some years to enjoy his retirement after a spectacular NBA career.