NBA superstar LeBron James is already working on those movie star connections. On Wednesday evening (July 11) he was sighted out with two of Hollywood's elite actors having dinner. The news comes not long after King James officially inked his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. While the former Cleveland Cavs star took a pay cut it appears LeBron James will be just fine and may even have a fall back job if this Lakers gig doesn't pan out.

Lebron and biz partner dine with actors

According to TMZ's report, LeBron James and his business partner, Maverick Carter, were spotted with two of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Award-winning actors Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio were part of the meal at Avra Beverly Hills. It was also noted that when DiCaprio left the restaurant he went out the front, while Pacino and James exited through the back of the establishment.

Both actors have won Academy Awards over the past 25 years. DiCaprio finally won his first-ever Oscar for Best Actor for his standout performance in 2015's "The Revenant." Pacino had him beat by over 20 years. He picked up the award for his performance in 1993's "Scent of a Woman."

LeBron has yet to share a meal with his new teammates but has dined with former Cleveland Cavs teammate Tristan Thompson and girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. The meal of choice?

Sushi to keep things healthy ahead of the season.

LeBron's transition to Hollywood

For weeks and months, the speculation built that LeBron would head to the L.A. Lakers, mostly due to what the area offers. LeBron already has a movie on the way with "Space Jam 2," although details are still somewhat scarce. In addition, he's done some acting in the Amy Schumer comedy flick, "Trainwreck." A lot of "Space Jam 2" rumors have been floating around.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge Lakers fan himself and attends the home games when he can. It's quite possible that Leo invited a good friend along to talk business with LeBron and his agent. That friend is clearly a legend in the movie world. Wouldn't it be great to be a fly on the wall during whatever conversations took place between the foursome?

Leo can probably introduce LeBron James to quite a few other top-notch actors. After all, Jack Nicholson is another well-known Lakers fan. He's also appeared with DiCaprio in the gangster film, "The Departed." Is it possible that Pacino and DiCaprio are working on a new Scorcese film in the future that needs LeBron in the cast? One never knows.

Either way, it's not a bad idea to have two "A-list" Hollywood actors on speed dial, especially with the move to L.A.!