Kevin Durant, one of the premier stars in the NBA and arguably one of the best in the game today, is still feeling the effect of his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. After playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder for many years, he made the controversial decision to join a powerhouse team like the Warriors after just losing to them in a playoff series which his team led 3-1.

C.J. McCollum, a young player for the Portland Trailblazers, took a shot at Durant over his choice to join the Warriors on his podcast and on Twitter.

Escalation on Twitter and podcast

Durant is still feeling the hate for joining the powerhouse team as the situation between the two erupted on both McCollum's podcast and on Twitter. This all started on McCollum's podcast called "Pull Up" earlier in the month, according to an article by ESPN, in which C.J. used the word "soft" to highlight Durant's choice to join the Warriors.

Back in June, the Trailblazer tweeted that Durant "shouldn't have gone there [to the warriors]." C.J. McCollum has the right to feel this way. The team did not need him, as they won a title before he arrived. C.J. definitely has a chip on his shoulder because his team was swept in the playoffs by Durant's new team.

Recently on Twitter, the situation between Durant and McCollum escalated, as a Barstool Sports host asked for permission to use an expletive word to describe Durant's move.

McCollum then made an attempt to deescalate the situation, but it looks as though the damage has already been done.

Warriors could be even better

Although LeBron James took his talent to L.A. and the team lost JaVale McGee and some other players, there is speculation that they could be even better next year after adding DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins is one of the best centers in the league and he can shoot the three at a high clip. He also gives the team a different dimension as he can post up and score. Other players in the league have also signed with new teams such as Tony Parker joining the Charlotte Hornets.

C.J. McCollum was also vocal about his team getting beaten by the Warriors in the playoffs and about the team acquiring "Boogie" Cousins, which Durant simply laughed off. Durant fired back at McCollum, saying that the Blazers will not win a title as long as he is around.

The fact is that the Golden State Warriors have been at the top of the Western Conference for a while now and have won back-to-back championships. Even before Kevin Durant joined them, they were winning championships.

Many teams have had to build to take down the Warriors, like the Rockets, Celtics, Raptors, and now, even the Lakers. Competitiveness is back, but the Warriors are the clear favorites to win it all again. Whether you like it or not, they are building a dynasty.