On Sunday night, the "Money in the Bank 2018" pay-per-view took place in Chicago with two dual-brand MITB ladder matches on the card. The first of these featured women competitors from WWE's "Raw" and "SmackDown Live" who were all trying to grab the briefcase hanging up over the ring. To do so would mean putting their bodies on the line as multiple ladders came into play and various rivalries were rehashed inside and outside the ring. When the women's ladder match was all said and done, one woman was standing tall over the rest, though.

Eight competitors battle it out

In this high-flying match featuring numerous ladders and big spots, there were four women apiece from the "Raw" and "SmackDown" brands who had qualified. Bleacher Report noted that for the Monday night program, it was Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Natalya. For the "blue brand," Naomi, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Lana were competing in the match.

Early on, the tone of the match was set, as all of the women brawled with one another. There were clearly no alliances. Several big spots took place throughout the match. That included Ember Moon hitting a springboard splash on Sasha on top of the ladder, Natalya body slamming Lana on a ladder, and Charlotte Flair powerbombing Ember onto one.

There were also fights between the women on the ladders. At one point, two ladders were set up next to one another. Alexa Bliss and Lana would battle with the "Ravishing Russian" getting the upper hand after putting her husband's move, "The Accolade," on Bliss. As Lana started to climb a ladder, Naomi was able to do a springboard move off the top rope onto the ladder and kicked Lana in the head to knock her off.

Naomi appeared to be headed towards the victory. However, Becky Lynch was there to stop her short, yanking Naomi off. That would lead to a fight between friends Becky and Charlotte. More of the women would get involved in the ring, eventually taking one another out.

Alexa Bliss is victorious

Towards the end of the match, the various competitors all were making their best attempts to quickly ascend the ladder and get the briefcase. Several times throughout the match, there were some near winners. Both Becky Lynch and Naomi appeared to almost take down the briefcase but were stopped short in their efforts.

Ultimately, "Miss Bliss" was able to tip over the ladder when Becky Lynch climbed up to try to take down the briefcase. Becky fell face-first onto another ladder and from there, Alexa made the climb with no other competitors around. Eventually, she got to the top and pulled the briefcase down to become the latest "Miss Money in the Bank."

With the briefcase, Alexa Bliss now holds a contract inside that she can cash in for a title shot at any time and any place she chooses, WrestleZone reported. That title shot can be for the WWE "Raw" or "SmackDown" Women's title, giving Bliss some interesting scenarios to contemplate.