History was made on Sunday night in many ways, but once again the WWE women's division was evolving. At the "Monday in the Bank" 2017 pay-per-view, five female competitors from the "SmackDown Live" roster took part in the first-ever women's "MITB" ladder match. Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Tamina went at it for a chance to grab the "MITB" briefcase with a women's title match contract inside. So who won the women's "Money In The Bank" Ladder Match to make history?

Match recap

For all five women's superstars, this was the first time they competed in a match of this type.

That meant none of them really had an advantage. Tamina did at the start as she was able to use her power to prevent all four of her opponents from gaining momentum. She used multiple ladders to knock down Becky, Charlotte, Carmella, and Natalya. Eventually, Becky and Nattie worked together with a ladder to take down Tamina until the "Queen of Hearts" slammed Lynch on a ladder. Natalya got to the top of a ladder early and reached for the briefcase, but Charlotte was right there to fight her down.

Flair and Carmella ended up dueling at the top of a ladder with each trying to grab the case.

Tamina got back to her feet to shove the ladder over, causing both women to fall against the ropes and to the outside. Moments later, Nattie battled Becky again before Carmella and Charlotte re-entered the match.

Carmella nearly climbed the ladder several times but was stopped short each time. Later, Charlotte Flair hit a huge move off the corner turnbuckle to flip down onto both Natalya and Tamina, dropping both women to the floor.

That gave Carmella another chance to climb the ladder.

Who was the winner?

Becky Lynch was able to stop Carmella on her latest attempt to climb the ladder, grabbing her and hitting a big powerbomb on the mat. Becky would make a climb to the top of the ladder, but, all of a sudden, James Ellsworth showed up at the bottom of the ladder.

Carmella's assistant lifted up the ladder and knocked it over, causing Lynch to fall off.

With his boo Carmella still down on the mat, a lightbulb seemed to go off. James looked up at the briefcase, and with fans chanting "Yes" he made the climb himself. From there, Ellsworth grabbed the briefcase and tossed it down to Carmella, who caught it on the mat.

On the outside of the ring, three referees conferred over what happened. As they continued to argue, James Ellsworth came to the outside and grabbed the microphone to announce Carmella as the first-ever "Mrs.

Money in the Bank." With that, he and Carmella walked up the ramp with the "Money in the Bank" briefcase as the commentators discussed the fact that no rule was broken because there weren't any disqualifications, and there weren't any rules specifying who could grab the briefcase.

With that, it appears that "The Princess of Staten Island" now holds the first-ever women's "MITB" briefcase. Will she cash in during the pay-per-view or at a later time?