When it comes to the big decision that NBA superstar LeBron James will make this summer, he mentioned to reporters that it will involve talking to his family. Some recent information that NBA Hall of Famer Gary "The Glove" Payton has passed along could hint at how things may unfold. Payton is a former member of the Seattle Supersonics, and also played a bit with the Los Angeles Lakers. Based on what Payton revealed to the media, the latter of these teams could be LeBron James' next squad.

'Bronny' James headed to L.A.

In an exclusive interview captured on video, Gary Payton told BSO's Sheena Davis that he knows LeBron James' kids are enrolled in school in Los Angeles.

During the sit-down interview, Payton said James' son just committed to Sierra Canyon where he'll play basketball in "the valley." "The Glove" also mentioned that two other former ballers -- Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin -- have their sons attending the school as well.

Payton added that people need to look at the age of LeBron's kids and the fact that he probably wants to be present in their lives during this time. The NBA Hall of Famer reminded everyone that LeBron's family "is going to dictate where he goes." Based on the way Payton was talking, it sounds like the fact that LeBron's son will be attending a Los Angeles school for basketball could mean that LeBron is leaning that way as well.

Payton added that everyone will have to wait and see what LeBron decides.

With that said, if LeBron's family is a big part of the NBA free agency decision, this could easily point to which team "The King" is going to join for the upcoming season.

Is LeBron set on the Lakers?

There has been no shortage of speculation suggesting that one of the NBA teams LeBron will consider is the Los Angeles Lakers. They have been considered one of the odds-on-favorites to land the superstar during the upcoming summer. Other teams near the top of the favorites list in Vegas are the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers if LeBron's current organization can't sway him to stay in Cleveland.

LeBron James could benefit strongly from the fact that he'd be part of a team where former NBA player Magic Johnson is the president of basketball operations. Many people believe LeBron could learn from Magic as a mentor of sorts to help him transition to life after basketball, including business ventures and Hollywood endeavors.

Payton also mentioned in a roundabout way that the comparisons between LeBron and Michael Jordan need to stop. He said that LeBron's legacy is also important in terms of where he decides to go. He said by going to another team, it's possible that LeBron could show just how valuable he is in terms of bringing several different teams to the championship level.

Magic Johnson and the L.A.

Lakers clearly want to get back to that championship level. The Lakers' president of basketball operations and other powers that be in the front office are reportedly going to be aggressive during free agency. The main goal for Magic and company is to return the Lakers to the glory they attained over the years in their 16 championship runs. Bringing LeBron James and another huge star into the mix could certainly do that.

That could mean bringing not just LeBron James to the roster, but also Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George as well. Recent reports have even suggested that LeBron and PG13 will meet up this summer to discuss Los Angeles.

Gary Payton didn't necessarily say LeBron's decision is set, but the Hall of Famer won one championship on a star-studded Miami Heat team. So don't be surprised if there are more than a few star players named James making headlines as members of Los Angeles basketball teams in the coming season. Like father, like son, right?