After the Cleveland Cavaliers bowed out of the NBA Finals via a 4-0 sweep, the talk quickly shifted toward LeBron James' big decision. "The King" will have a number of teams he'll be speaking with about where he'll play next season. While squads like the Rockets, Lakers, and Sixers have been mentioned in headlines, James' current team also wants to retain LeBron's services. To do so, they will need to figure out a way to keep LeBron happy with their attempts to contend for NBA titles. That probably means bringing in another talented star, and Paul George could be the one they bring to Cleveland.

NBA rumors about LeBron and PG13 teaming up

A lot of the NBA rumors involving LeBron James' free agency decision this summer have pointed toward the Los Angeles Lakers. In the past week or so, there were already reports suggesting that LeBron and Paul George would be having some conversations this summer. Those discussions were believed to center around the two All-Star players joining forces and both signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Magic Johnson and the Lakers have the ability to sign players of such magnitude too, and they've got a reasonable roster for the stars to join. That includes Lonzo Ball who has shown potential as a future star playmaker. Ball is known for trying to get his teammates the ball.

Both James and George would benefit from this sort of player on their team, while also mentoring the young, emerging star. Teams would also have to adjust their defense to account for the two legitimate scoring threats.

There are analysts already saying that this would still be a no-win situation for LeBron James with the Golden State Warriors looking as dominant as ever.

The Lakers would have to defeat the Golden State juggernaut in the Western Conference playoffs. However, the Houston Rockets showed that that was nearly possible, even with one of their stars hurt for most of the Western Conference Finals. So the LeBron/George team-up is certainly intriguing in Los Angeles.

Cavs still interested

What about if the two players teamed up in Cleveland, though? Recent reports, such as one from The Ringer, have suggested that the Cavaliers organization is still interested in getting Paul George on their roster. In fact, Cleveland was a potential landing spot for PG13 last summer, although a draft night trade didn't materialize. The Cavs still realize that George is out there and looking to win his elusive first NBA title, so they seem to be looking at him as an option. That would probably help LeBron just a bit when it comes to the NBA Finals. Other roster moves might also be required.

George played well for the Thunder this past season, averaging 21.9 points per game in 36.6 minutes on average per contest.

He also had 5.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists in a season where he deferred the leader role to the team's longtime star Russell Westbrook. George would have to do the same to play on the same team with LeBron, but the two players would probably work better together. Its been suggested that most stars suffer from being aligned with Westbrook. George seemed to struggle in the playoffs and the OKC Thunder didn't really exceed expectations with their experiment of Westbrook, George, and Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers seem to be the favorite for George's next team, although OKC and Cleveland are also likely considerations.

The OKC All-Star has ties to Los Angeles as it is his home area. However, winning those championships is probably more important than playing in "home sweet home." If LeBron decides the Lakers are for him, then George may easily join him. However, If the Cavs can convince LeBron and PG13 that their team has a legitimate shot at dethroning the Warriors, then the newest star team-up may be on the way for Cleveland.