Wwe Superstar Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, may soon be the official mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Jacobs has been campaigning for months ahead of Tuesday's election (May 1), and the latest results indicate a victory in the primary race. However, his win looks like a slim one so far over his next-closest competitor. Here's the latest on Glenn Jacobs' results in the mayor race for Knox County and what should be expected for Kane's WWE career. A report by TMB was used for information in this article.

Jacobs edges Anders

In the slimmest of victories, Glenn Jacobs (R) was able to surpass Brad Anders (R) by just 17 votes, and Bob Thomas (R) by over 3,000 votes in the Knox County mayor Republican primary results.

WBIR 10 News reported that Jacobs had a total of 14,633 votes while Anders finished with 14,616 votes. Thomas had a total of 11,296 votes to finish in third place. Following the news of the slim victory, Jacobs tweeted out his thanks to those who helped him as he prepares for the next leg of his attempts to gain office.

With that in mind, a recount will likely happen next to make sure the victory is official. It was the only set of election results for Knox County in which there was not an official winner named.

In other results, Tom Spangler defeated Lee Tramel for the Knox County Sheriff race and Larsen Jay defeated Ronnie Rochelle for the Knox County Commission seat 10 primary race. Linda Haney defeated Rhonda Gallman by over 2,000 votes for the Knox County mayor Democratic primary. Haney will go up against Jacobs if he is declared the Republican winner.

Kane in WWE

If Jacobs (Kane) is announced the official winner as mayor, it could also mean his WWE in-ring career is closer to finished. The 51-year-old superstar participated in the "WrestleMania 34" Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, making it to the final four competitors. Ultimately, Matt Hardy won the competition, though.

Kane did not participate in WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble" 50-man match which took place last Friday.

The longtime WWE star first announced his serious consideration to run as a Republican candidate for Knox County mayor back in May of 2016. Just last March, he officially said he would be a part of the election and has been campaigning ever since. He won't be the first WWE star to become an elected official either, as Jesse "The Body" Venture is well known for winning the Minnesota Governor election back in 1998. Ventura would serve for four years in the position, with potential presidential considerations mentioned in 2016.

As far as Kane goes, there had been WWE rumors he might be nearing retirement this year.

However, he's come back for several matches including "WrestleMania" and the house show circuit along the way. There's still talk he could have at least one more match, but if he manages to win the election as Knox County mayor, it's unlikely he'd continue to wrestle at the same time.