Former WWE superstar, Enzo Amore has been cleared of his sexual assault allegations following an investigation into an incident that occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, allegedly involving him while him and two other people. On January, 22, a Phoenix woman claimed through social media and an interview with Fightful that Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore), along with accomplices Tyler Gross and Layla Shapiro (aka TOO POOR), had sexually assaulted her while she laid unconscious in a hotel room in the state of Arizona on October 19. The woman also filed a report with Arizona police and was given a rape kit examination in response on October 23.

The verdict

However, although Arndt's presence in Phoenix on the day of the incident was confirmed, his defense claimed that no officials or law enforcement brought the matter to his attention prior the "careless, unfounded tirade on social media." This misconduct combined with the "vast amount of online admissions and other publicly available information" proved there was no credibility in the accusation toward Arndt who remained vigilant in his claim of innocence.

Following the accusation, the Phoenix police claimed that most of the investigation was completed. As of reporting this, a representative of the police department had confirmed Arndt's innocence from the lab results and they have officially closed the case.

Arndt posted a letter from his legal counsel via social media thanking his fans for supporting him during his troubled times.

A career destroyed?

Unfortunately, due to the late timing of the accusation, Arndt was unable to bring the matter up to the WWE punctually. This lack of punctuality was a direct violation of terms with the company and he was consequentially released from his contract.

On April 23, Arndt finally broke his silence following the accusation by posting a pic of Jordan Brand shoes hanging from a power line with a caption that reads "I T ' S * B E E N * R E A L."

It is believed by some that this post was referencing the expiration of the 90-day no-compete clause Arndt had with WWE. It was also viewed as being cryptic, considering the tragic implication it has on his career.

Prior to the accusation, Enzo Amore was holding the Cruiserweight Championship for the second time in his career in the WWE. He was scheduled to defend the title against Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble PPV back in January.

Since his departure from the WWE, the card was dropped from the PPV and replaced with a tournament held after it to determine the new champion. After a final round with Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander became the new and current Cruiserweight Champion in the WWE. It's currently uncertain if Arndt will return to Wrestling following his victory in the case against him, though rumors are circulating that WWE might want to bring him back.