The wrestling world was abruptly thrown off its axis in wake of sexual assault allegations aimed at WWE superstar Enzo Amore, which may or may not have led to the WWE's recent decision to release the current Cruiserweight champion from the company following the investigation.

The story so far

On Monday, a Phoenix woman went on social media and claimed that Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore), along with two accomplices, sexually assaulted her as she fell unconscious in a hotel room on October 19, 2017.

In an interview with Fightful, the woman -- who chose to remain anonymous -- alleged that she was invited into a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona by fashion designer, Tyler Grosso and TOOPOOR (Layla Shapiro) where she and others engaged in the consumption of illegal substances.

Sometime later, she was approached by Arndt who made sexual advances towards her.

However, the woman claims she was passed out on a couch during that time and tried to resist Arndt's advances but was restrained by him and sexually assaulted. The woman then confirmed to Fightful that she visited a doctor on October 20. She then later had a rape kit examination performed on her and filed a police report on October 23, which the Phoenix police confirmed.

Sources told Pro Wrestling Sheet that Arndt's Instagram account confirms his presence in Phoenix on the day of the alleged assault, as he was attending a Red Hot Chili peppers concert. Although charges have yet to be filed against Arndt, the Phoenix Police department claim that most of the investigation is done and that they are currently awaiting the results of the examination.

In their defense

To the SWAFT Nation's dismay, their champion Enzo Amore has yet to give his statement in response to the horrible allegations. However, TOOPOOR has not been silent on the matter as she took to Twitter defending herself. In a tweet that has since been deleted, TOOPOOR alleged she was innocent and is being framed.

She has called out her accuser -- claiming she is "lying, manipulating and deceiving people," and that she is "sick" for doing so.

Rumbling the Royal Rumble

On Monday, the WWE announced that Eric Arndt had been officially released from his contract with the company and sent home. Arndt's alter ego Enzo was holding the WWE Cruiserweight Championship title at the time and was scheduled to defend it against fellow WWE superstar Cedric Alexander in a match at the annual "Royal Rumble" PPV next Sunday.

Following the investigation, that match has since been taken off the card, putting the fate of the Cruiserweight championship under speculation. It is likely that the WWE will arrange a contested match between the other cruiserweights to determine the new title holder.