The WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble 2018" pay-per-view took place on Friday in Saudi Arabia with the main event featuring a 50-man Royal Rumble match. it was the biggest edition of this type of match ever held by the WWE and featured surprise entries, highlights, and of course, one man standing tall at the end of the big match. Would it be Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, or someone else? Here is the latest rundown of the "Greatest Royal Rumble" match results.

Early entrants & surprises

For the rules of this latest Rumble match, new competitors would enter the match every 90 minutes.

However, two WWE superstars had to start things off in the ring. It was none other than Daniel Bryan coming out first, followed by "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler. These two competitors would last in the ring for quite some time, although Ziggler would find himself eliminated after 22 minutes by Kurt Angle.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was one of the early entries and held his ground. He would eventually get involved in a showdown with a surprise entry as sumo wrestling star Hiroki Sumi made his way to the ring. Henry managed to lift the heavy Sumi over the rope to dump him out, but moments later Bryan teamed up with Ziggler to dump Henry over the rope.

Hornswoggle came out to great reception from the crowd in one surprise appearance. He would be part of an elimination as he got to the ring with a superstar dangling over the rope by yanking on his arm to help pull him over to the floor. Swoggle participated briefly in the match wearing his Leprechaun costume but was eventually knocked off the apron by Tony Nese for the elimination.

However, Hornswoggle did show off some strength when he hoisted Kofi Kingston on his shoulders and backdropped him to the mat.

Two of the biggest pops during the match came with The New Day superstars as each came down for the match.

Kurt Angle also received a big pop and stayed in the match for a good bit, eliminating Dolph Ziggler and getting into a fight with Daniel Bryan. While Angle gained the upperhand in that confrontation, he was eventually tossed out by Elias who also eliminated two New Day members and one-half of The Ascension.

Another huge pop came for Rey Mysterio who made his return to the ring for the first time since WWE's "Royal Rumble" match back in January. He was able to hit some big spots including his leg scissors move to pull Luke Gallows over the top to the floor. Mysterio also avoided a double-team move from Chad Gable and Fandango with impressive skill.

Who won the big Rumble match?

A huge trophy was on the line for the winner of the "Greatest Royal Rumble" match.

Heading into the match, the favorites from oddsmakers included Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler. Several of those superstars were amongst the final 10 competitors too. Bobby Lashley came out at No. 44 with Elias, Braun Strowman, and Daniel Bryan still remaining. Elias would find himself eliminated by Lashley just before Daniel Bryan reentered the match to hit dropkicks on Braun and Lashley in opposite corners.

At No. 45, fans saw the return of The Great Khali to the ring for the first time in quite a while. The former world champion took his time getting to the ring but soon hit chops to knock down Bryan, Strowman, and Lashley.

Soon after, Braun and Lashley teamed up to toss Khali out of the ring.

Kevin Owens would rush out at No. 46 and shortly after he fought with Daniel Bryan it was announced that Bryan had broken an all-time record for longest time in a Royal Rumble match. Bryan started at No. 1 and lasted over one hour and five minutes, beating a previous record set by Rey Mysterio.

At the 47 spot, it was Shane McMahon arriving to the ring. He quickly took control against Kevin Owens, moments before he and his "Mania" tag partner Daniel Bryan came face to face.

They would each hit "Yes" kicks on Owens together instead of fighting. At No. 49 it was Big Cass arriving to the ring and taking it to all of the worn down competitors in the match.

Coming in as the final entry was Chris Jericho as he was the No. 50 entrant with Kevin Owens looking like he "saw a ghost" according to Michael Cole. A flurry of moves would take place. At one point, Braun grabbed Shane from the corner and tossed him all the way over to smash through a table with referees rushing over to check on him. Next, Strowman avoided a charging Bobby Lashley, caught him, and tossed him out over the rope.

It came down to Daniel Bryan, Big Cass, and Braun Strowman.

Bryan had lasted for over an hour and 16 minutes and tried to lift Strowman over the ropes. Unfortunately, Bryan's new rival, Big Cass, grabbed him and tossed out Bryan for the elimination. Cass and Braun went face to face with Braun ultimately crotching Cass on the top rope before knocking him out of the ring to the floor.

The 50-man match winner Braun Strowman was presented with a huge trophy and a special green WWE championship belt for his victory as Vince McMahon was in the ring to close things out. Fireworks shot overhead in Jeddah as Michael Cole and company signed off from the WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble" PPV.