The Boston Red Sox and new york yankees combine for one of the most heated rivalries in all of the sports. In a city where every team has their own "beat at all cost" rival, the Sox and Yankees stand out as delivering the most true hatred for one another.

It was great when the Yankees went to the World Series on a walk-off home run from now coach Aaron Boone back in 2003. The win was even sweeter though because it was over Boston. Fast forward a year later and the Sox won the World Series, though the team's favorite memory might be coming back from a 0-3 hole in the ALCS against New York.

The point is, the two teams relish in delivering heartbreaking losses to each other.

The rivalry between two of baseball's oldest clubs had gone stagnant in recent years. The Yankees suffered through several losing seasons as they rebuilt, and the Red Sox seemed to morph more into the corporate ballplayers you often see in the Bronx, as opposed to the fun-loving "idiots" that won it all in 2004.

The seeming disinterest bled over to the fan bases as well as there wasn't much more on the line than any other given game.

For all intents and purposes, the rivalry was dead.

Reigniting the rivalry

2017 was a revival though as both teams were back competing at the top of the American League. After a wild winter that saw the reigning National League MVP, Giancarlo Stanton traded to New York, the "Evil Empire" was officially back on the map.

The much anticipated first meeting between the two clubs was billed to be a barometer for what to expect this summer. Game 1 saw the Red Sox put a beating on New York to the tune of 14-1. It was the second game though that really gave us the taste of what's to come.

After a hard slide into second base by the Yankees' Tyler Austin, Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly delivered a 97mph fastball into his back.

This prompted Austin to charge the mound and the fight was on!

The opinions of who was at fault and who was just defending themselves differ depending on which team you ask. Legendary Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez weighed in on his thoughts regarding the brawl.

Pedro himself is no stranger to brawls with the Yankees.

Martinez famous rag dolled Yankees' bench coach Don Zimmer during a bench-clearing fight at Fenway during his playing days.

Stage set for summer

The Yankees won the winter when they traded for Stanton, but the Red Sox are looking to win the summer. The bad blood is back and both teams will likely be treating every match up as if it were a playoff game this year.

The early season fireworks between the Sox and Yankees is sure to create anticipation for their remaining games this season. The two teams will meet again for a series in New York next month, though it will be September when this rivalry really heats up.

With two series over the final couple weeks, including a three-game set to close out the season in Boston, the battle for the AL East will likely go down to the wire.