According to recent NFL rumors, there are quite a few teams that want to move up in the 2018 Nfl Draft, based on the need for a quality quarterback. The Buffalo Bills are among those teams and could potentially make a Trade with one or more of those up in the top five. In order to do that, they'll need to part ways with a lot of assets between this year's draft and next year's draft, according to one NFL Network personality and journalist.

Bills' assets & QB need

The Buffalo Bills own a good number of picks throughout this week's NFL Draft. In just the first round, they'll have picks No.

12 and No. 22. From there, they also own the 53rd, 56th, 65th, and 96th picks. That gives them quite a lot to package in a potential deal, and it has led to plenty of NFL trade rumors.

The Buffalo Bills also want to draft one of the available star quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft, as that is clearly a position this team needs to address. They would ultimately want to get the best quarterback they can, but they'll need to be up high enough in the selection order to do that.

Among those options is standout Sam Darnold, who most of the teams near the top of the order have been looking at. So have many teams below the top five. Other talented QBs will include Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Louisville's Lamar Jackson, Wyoming's Josh Allen, and UCLA's Josh Rosen.

Speculated trade

Over at the NFL Network, Peter Schrager of "Good Morning Football" gave a potential trade scenario. In fact, it was a set of two trades he believes that the Buffalo Bills could use to move up in the NFL Draft order. Fans will need to stick with this one, but it makes sense in terms of the value exchange. However, it would require two teams being on board.

First, Schrager suggests that Buffalo could trade their No. 12, No. 22, and No. 53 picks to the Indianapolis Colts for their sixth pick. From there, he says the Bills would need to make a deal with the New York Giants by sending them the sixth pick and next year's first-round pick. In exchange, the Bills receive the giants' second overall pick.

That's a lot of NFL draft picks for the Bills to offer up, but Schrager believes it would ultimately aid the Buffalo Bills in getting the quarterback they want.

Why it won't happen

As mentioned, the Buffalo Bills would need both the Giants and Indianapolis Colts on board for this NFL trade to work out. As mentioned by a NESN report, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport said it's unlikely that the Giants would participate in a deal to send the Bills that number two pick.

However, there is still a chance that the Bills could move up into the top five.

The report goes on to suggest that Buffalo has checked in with the Denver Broncos regarding the fifth overall pick this week. It's not quite as high as where the Giants' pick is, but it's a start, and a much better spot than No. 12 if you want the chance at one of the top QBs in the NFL Draft.