In a statement, the Chicago White Sox said that relief pitcher Danny Farquhar is "progressing well" after brain surgery on Saturday. Doctor's say that Farquhar is in critical but "neurologically stable" condition. All of this comes after Farquhar had pitched in a game on Friday versus the Houston Astros where he had a brain hemorrhage that caused him to pass out in the dugout. Farquhar was then treated by a medical team at the ballpark before being transported to Rush University Medical Center.

Farquhar's brain hemorrhage was caused by a ruptured aneurysm

After completing two outs in the sixth inning of Friday's game against the World Champion Houston Astros, Farquhar headed to the dugout where tragedy struck. The brain hemorrhage caused him to pass out where he was treated quickly by the ballpark medical team. After regaining consciousness, he was transported to Rush University Medical Center, Farquhar underwent a complicated medical procedure to ease the swelling in the pitcher's brain.

As of Monday, Farquhar was able to use his extremities, talk and respond to doctors, as well as his family.

"He's a fighter, and he's in the fight of his life right now," Kenny Williams, Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox, told USA Today Sports.

Williams reflected on how life can change on a dime.

"It certainly shows the fragility of life and how we take every day for granted.

And it can change in a heartbeat. Literally," Williams also told Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports.

What is next for Farquhar?

There is a lot of uncertainty right now for the right-hander who has pitched for four different organizations in his decade-long career. A team source, according to the Chicago Tribune, said that the White Sox are not going to be releasing too much information about treatment on behalf of the request made by Farquhar's family.

Farquhar's wife and mother were at the game and Williams said that by the time they made it to the clubhouse, the ambulance holding the pitcher was already heading to the hospital. What has been learned is that Farquhar will be staying at Rush University Medical Center for at least the next few weeks during his recovery process.

We've seen the White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and Seattle Mariners honor their current and former pitcher with a hanging jersey in the dugout.

The Chicago White Sox are currently in a series against the Mariners, one of Farquhar's former teams.

Farquhar was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2008 where he made his MLB debut in 2011. He is 10-15 and holds a 3.93 career ERA in 253 career relief appearances.