As the New Orleans Pelicans are now in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, there are NBA Trade Rumors swirling around big man DeMarcus Cousins. The team has managed to advance to the next round of the postseason behind Anthony Davis as Cousins has been sidelined since midseason. That right there has suggested that this is a team capable of getting things done without Cousins on the court. It seems to have prompted speculation of Cousins joining a new team in free agency, or being part of an NBA trade.

Free agency spots

A recent post from ESPN's Zach Lowe mentioned that the two teams with the best chance of signing DeMarcus Cousins as a free agent are the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks.

The interesting aspect here is that Dallas may be more interested in picking up big man Julius Randle from L.A., as he's also heading into free agency. That could mean the Mavs pass up Cousins in favor of Randle's talents.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have been mentioned, but the NBA rumors about which superstars they want are well known by now. Magic Johnson and company want at least one superstar to be part of his team for next season. Ideally, he'd like to add two superstars. That could mean that LeBron James and Paul George both end up in Los Angeles. It's also speculated that if L.A. gets neither of these stars in the offseason they may simply conserve their cap space for 2019 pursuits.

Sign & trade potential

Six teams are suggested for a potential sign-and-trade deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. They are the Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat, L.A. Clippers, Washington Wizards, and Milwaukee Bucks. Portland looked hot heading into the postseason but was swept out of contention by Davis and the Pelicans.

However, they won't trade C.J. McCollum for Cousins after his injury and surgery, Lowe suggests.

As far as the other teams, it's mentioned that the Raptors and the Clippers are "remote possibilities" for a deal. Los Angeles has DeAndre Jordan's status to worry about. Miami could potentially offer Hassan Whiteside but may need to gauge his value and add more to the package.

Pat Riley and company could also be looking toward the available free agents.

Lowe suggests a big trade in which the Washington Wizards put together a deal involving a combination of players and a draft pick. That could mean Otto Porter Jr., Kelly Oubre Jr., and Marcin Gortat are packaged along with a pick to bring DeMarcus Cousins to D.C., joining fellow Kentucky Wildcats alum, John Wall. Still, the Wizards have had All-Star John Wall suffering knee issues which could make them hesitant to spend money on another player with injury concerns.

Most likely, the NBA trade rumor or rumors of Cousins leaving New Orleans for a new team will persist. However, most parties interested in potentially adding him to the roster will be cautious of his abilities after this past season's injury, surgery, and rehab. With that said, he may even end up doing something which seems rare these days by staying with his current team.