With plenty of NBA trade rumors out there, it's no surprise that a deal involving the San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard to the Boston Celtics is among them. There has been no shortage of rumors out there involving the Spurs' forward going to just about every team in the league. During a recent ESPN segment, one of the personalities suggested that maybe the Boston Celtics could send the Spurs another All-Star in exchange for the Spurs' top player.

Latest trade rumors

While this latest Kawhi Leonard trade scenario hasn't been discussed by the teams, it was discussed by ESPN 'First Take' personality Max Kellerman.

The rumors are that things aren't so great between Leonard and his current team, the San Antonio Spurs, based on the fact he hasn't played more than nine games all season. Leonard has been on the sidelines for the playoffs due to the fact his personal team of doctors doesn't believe he's ready to return to action. However, the Spurs' medical staff believes he's capable of doing so, but they're letting Kawhi's group make the call.

During the ESPN segment, Kellerman suggested that instead of making a trade package which has Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in it, the Celtics should use Gordon Hayward. The interesting part of this potential trade would be the fact that Hayward has also missed most of the NBA season due to a leg injury.

Both players come with the risk of their injury this past season making them less than the previous star they were.

However, Kawhi Leonard and Gordon Hayward have both shown during their careers thus far exactly what they are capable of. Swapping the two players is an interesting proposed trade, as it would return Hayward to the Western Conference, while Leonard would join the East.

Other Kawhi Leonard rumors

A few other teams have stood out when it comes to potential landing spots for Kawhi Leonard. One of them is the Los Angeles Lakers who are said to be ready to make a serious push to land the All-Star forward. Magic Johnson and the Lakers are looking like they will be major players in this summer's free agency with LeBron James and Paul George among their desired roster upgrades.

Another possible team that could acquire Leonard is obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers. They've made it no secret that they want to keep LeBron James happy and try to keep contending for titles. To do that, they'll need star power to contend with the likes of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.

Don't count out the Philadelphia 76ers, though. This is clearly a team that is showing upward momentum behind their young stars Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Markelle Fultz. The team is already a top contender in the Eastern Conference, and adding Kawhi Leonard would give them a huge boost.

It remains to be seen if the San Antonio Spurs will decide they want to offer up Kawhi Leonard for a trade. If that becomes publicized expect the contender teams such as Cleveland, Boston, and the Lakers to all continue to be a part of the NBA trade rumors.