The NBA rumors continue to surround Los Angeles Lakers' big man, Julius Randle, as he approaches Free Agency. L.A. didn't make it a point to lock him up with an extension when they could have prior to this season, leaving the door open when it comes to his future. That could mean Randle returns to play in his home area, but the Dallas Mavs need to make a serious attempt to get him, says one journalist.

Mavs should sign Julius Randle

In a Dallas News Sports Day column, NBC5's Newy Scruggs answers various questions about the Mavericks' situation. One of those questions relates to how the Mavs should go about using the $30 million in cap space they'll have available.

Scruggs seems to have little doubt that they need to bring in "hometown kid" Julius Randle as a "building block" for their future. He says Dallas can be a contender again for the playoffs by adding Randle along with a "top-tier lottery pick."

As mentioned, Julius Randle is due to hit free agency based on the fact the Lakers didn't want to give him an extension. Well-known NBA rumors have suggested Magic Johnson and the L.A. Lakers are pursuing big-time stars they want to sign as free agents including the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and the Oklahoma City Thunder's Paul George. That seems to communicate that while they'd love to have Randle as part of their roster, they don't value the contributions he has brought quite enough to want to pay him appropriately.

They may decide to do so depending on what happens with the free agents they want to sign.

Cousins an option?

Scruggs also brings up the NBA rumors that DeMarcus Cousins will be available in NBA free agency. He suggests the Mavs could attempt to sign him but feels the New Orleans Pelicans will look to make sure they keep him on their roster.

Cousins has been a member of the team since he was traded by the Sacramento Kings the night of the NBA All-Star Game.

The combination of Cousins along with Anthony Davis has the Pelicans sporting one of the most talented frontcourts in all of the league. However, Cousins suffered an unfortunate injury just before this past season's NBA All-Star Game.

That sidelined him for the rest of the season including the playoffs, with Davis still showing he can shoulder the load on his own.

Draft pick & Randle

The Mavericks will also improve the roster through the 2018 NBA Draft in June. Current NBA rumors suggest that the team may opt to select a talented player such as Duke standout Marvin Bagley III at the No. 4 spot in the lottery. Bagley can play power forward and center which may take away from the concept of bringing Randle on board.

However, pairing these two in the frontcourt could be huge, especially with longtime star Dirk Nowitzki heading towards retirement, and the team looking like their future will be guided by point guard Dennis Smith Jr.

running the show. Randle has shown his ability to record triple-doubles with the L.A. Lakers which would be much appreciated in Dallas.

One thing is for sure and that is that Julius Randle has shown he is deserving of a decent contract. Most likely it's going to be another team that lures him away from the Los Angeles Lakers. Based on the way Mark Cuban has been known to operate, he won't shy away from pulling the trigger on a big signing to make sure they improve the roster, so these NBA rumors may end up coming true.