There are ongoing NBA rumors regarding Liangelo and LaMelo Ball eventually playing in the professional basketball league. So far, their older brother Lonzo Ball has shown himself to be the star of the family. However, proud father LaVar Ball believes that both Liangelo and LaMelo will one day be a part of the league as well. They've made headlines ever since a shoplifting incident that caused a suspension at UCLA, which in turn led to them playing overseas basketball. Now they've returned home and the reason why was recently reported.

Early departure

A recent report from ESPN indicated that the Ball Brothers have ended their time playing for Lithuania's Vytautas team prematurely. The report goes on to say that a source who is close to the family said that LaMelo and Liangelo decided to come home early as both of them are dealing with injuries. It's expected that Liangelo Ball may be preparing for a shot to make it into the NBA, which shows why his father may have opted for this move.

The head coach of the Vytautas team (Virginijus Seskus) said in comments to 15min.It that he was "shocked" by them leaving as they did. He went on to say as part of his comments that he felt the Ball brothers were there "to make a show" rather than stay true to the game of basketball.

Ball basketball futures

As mentioned, Liangelo Ball was involved in the shoplifting incident that made headlines over in Shanghai, China. Due to his dad LaVar feeling that the indefinite suspension was going on for too long, he opted to bring both his sons overseas to continue gaining experience for a potential future career.

That seems to be leading toward Liangelo entering this year's NBA Draft after this one season in Lithuania. However, his draft potential has been questionable, as he isn't considered anywhere near as high of a pick as his brother and could even be skipped over in the second round. He's dealing with an ankle injury which was the main reason for his return.

He put up the better numbers of the two Ball brothers in Lithuania, averaging 12.6 Points Per Game in about 22 minutes of action per contest.

As far as LaMelo Ball goes, his father has indicated that he doesn't plan to have him return to play in Lithuania next season. He averaged 6.5 points per game in 12 minutes on average of game time for the Lithuanian team. It's unknown what his next step will be, but he and LiAngelo will most likely be looking for older brother Lonzo and father LaVar's guidance to help them figure out their next moves.