It seems like every NBA rumor that comes out nowadays has LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard hooking up somewhere to form a power duo. Could that somewhere be Los Angeles? Fans in Cleveland and San Antonio don’t want to hear that, but this rumor may make more sense than some of the others, and here is why.

Kawhi heading home?

Every NBA fan knows that Kawhi Leonard isn’t happy in San Antonio. For whatever reason, it seems he and head coach Gregg Popovich don’t see eye to eye, and that isn’t good for the Spurs as a team or an organization. According to an SI report, Leonard reportedly wants to head home and play for the team he grew up rooting for, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Leonard, who attended San Diego State University for two seasons before declaring for the NBA Draft in 2011, is a Riverside, California native. James, who has been linked to the Lakers in multiple rumors, could also be on LA’s radar. See where this is going?

SI indicates that former Lakers coach and former all-star Byron Scott believes the Lakers are ready to go all-in and make a blockbuster deal for Leonard -- and sign free agent LeBron James as well. Scott isn’t alone in this thought process. Around the league, multiple front office sources, who will remain nameless, agree with Scott's theory. One executive was quoted as saying he believes that the Los Angeles Lakers will make a strong push to trade for Leonard once the Spurs' season has officially ended and the dust settles in San Antonio.

Another exec told Sporting News that Leonard wants to go to LA, but he won't say it publicly.

LeBron part of the deal?

If the Lakers did pull off a deal to acquire Leonard from the Spurs, you know they would most likely have to give up a lot in return -- namely young players like Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram to start. Is it possible that this could be a three-way deal that would include LeBron?

Technically James is a free agent, so he can sign with any team, however, with the way things unfold in the NBA, a little talk can go a long way.

Having no ties to any team once the season is over, James could happen to mention to the Lakers that he would be interested in playing for them if they added Leonard. LeBron seems to have a strong interest in playing for the Lakers, however, he isn't going to bolt to a team that has no chance of winning a title next season. Thus, the theory that if the Lakers trade for Leonard, James will head west too may not be that farfetched.