The NFL Draft is upon us. Speculation has been spinning for the last several months. The Indianapolis Colts have already made a big move in going from the 3rd overall pick to the 6th pick. Colts GM Chris Ballard made the move to give the team more picks in the second round and an opportunity to fill more positions of need.

The Colts have many needs on the roster, the main one being the Offensive Line. The only steady offensive lineman is LT Anthony Castonzo. The Colts surrendered 56 sacks in 2017. The offensive line has been a glaring need over the last several seasons and is the reason franchise quarterback Andrew Luck missed all of last season and was injured in the previous.

The main goal is the protection of Andrew Luck. The roster has other needs as well, but the GM must address the offensive line.

What will the Colts do?

The Colts currently have the 6th pick. Who they chose with the 6th pick depends on who goes off the board before they pick. One of the most interesting things that could happen is running back Saquon Barkley being available. His availability would surely have the Colts considering him. He is the best running back in the NFL Draft and some have speculated that he is a generational type of player. The Colts would have to make a tough choice -- take him or pass on him for another player. The odds of him still being available are a long shot, though.

Another player the Colts could choose is Bradley Chubb, who would provide a significant upgrade on defense. He may be available, but the question is who will teams choose before the Colts pick? Most of the teams are in need of a quarterback. If the beginning of the draft starts with a run of quarterbacks, players like Chubb and Barkley could fall to the Colts.

Who will the Colts choose?

If the Colts remain in the 3rd spot and the previously named players have been drafted, the Colts would and should draft offensive lineman Quenton Nelson. As a matter of fact, he should be a priority pick that would upgrade the lethargic offensive line. He should be at the top of the draft board for the Colts.

The only way the team detours from him is if a player falls to them that they cannot pass on. In fact, perhaps they should still draft him. The other players are shiny and provide the Colts with new toys, but, the Colts' biggest concern should be to protect Andrew Luck.

The Colts could trade out of the 3rd pick

What happens if all of the players mentioned are off the board? This is a scenario where the Colts could look to trade out of the pick in order to obtain more draft picks. As mentioned, the Colts have a lot of positions to fill and are in the process of a roster overhaul. The Colts could trade with a team in need of a Quarterback. This would allow them to fill more spots. The draft provides gems and with research, the Colts could walk away with an updated roster.

Chris Ballard appears to be aware of his roster needs and has a reputation for spotting talent. If he trades out of the 6th spot he will undoubtedly already have another offensive lineman on his draft board. The Colts must walk away with Andrew Luck protected and they can find some diamonds in the rough along the way.

Colts' picks unless there is a trade

1st round: (6th) from Jets

2nd round: (36), (37, from Jets), (49, from Jets)

3rd round: (67)

4th round: (104)

5th round: (140)

6th round: (178)

7th round: (221)