Strongman competitor turned WWE superstar is on a possible path to be the next Hulk Hogan. Even Hulk Hogan himself as stated the possibilities.

A few years ago a billed 6ft 8in 385lb man made his debut in the WWE, becoming part of the heel faction the Wyatt Family. He was a force to be reckoned with and the Wyatt family had a monster among men. However, the family was separated during the WWE annual draft leaving Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw alone.

He would soon begin his solo career and put hands on any opponent whom would dare step in the ring with him, facing the likes of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Though he would suffer a loss to the beast at No Mercy that seemed awkward and a WWE booking mistake. Braun Strowman at the time had a lot of momentum, it appeared he would be the one to dethrone the beast.

It again seemed that his moment would come at Summer Slam and that he would stand tall in the fatal four-way match that would see Brock Lesnar pin Roman Reigns.

Strauman the monster among men

Strowman's turn from heel to fan favorite happened when he was thrown into a garbage truck at the TLC event in 2017. WWE fans have seen Braun turn over an Ambulance with Roman Reigns inside and other stunts that displayed his monstrous strength solidifying him as a monster. He at times seemed unstable and a force to be reckoned with comparable to Hulk Hogan in the 80’s.

The only thing missing was Braun’s defining moment.

The moment that would trust him to the top of WWE. Hulk Hogan's moment came when he defeated The Iron Sheik for the WWE championship.

Will Braun Strowman have a similar moment?

The biggest question is does WWE see the potential of the big man. It appeared they did when fans began cheering for him even though he was supposed to be a heel.

But, WWE made some questionable storyline development decisions that made Braun look weak at times.

The Greatest Royal Rumble

Braun Strowman winning WWE's the Greatest Royal Rumble was the push he needed, He eliminated 13 other opponents on the way to winning what is deemed as the Greatest Royal Rumble championship.

It's yet to be determined what WWE has planned for the title if it's a one-off title or will they play into it more.The next stop for Braun is the Universal Championship.

A Brock vs Braun match seems to be the next logical step for WWE.

WWE needs a new face

They had Hogan, Cena and unsuccessfully tried to turn Roman Reigns into the face of the company. Hulk Hogan is arguably the man who put WWE on the map and helped turn it into the juggernaut it is today. WWE is in need of a face soon with Cena's run coming to a close. Braun could be the one that can appeal to all WWE fans both young and old. Young fans can look up to him like a hero as they did in Hulk Hogan's prime. Likewise, older fans will like his dominance and strength because it is believable.

It's in the hands of WWE

The question boils down to what the WWE thinks of Braun Strownman. Him winning The Greatest Royal Rumble could be a sign of things to come or it could be WWE wanting to make Braun look strong with no payoff.

WWE has not been doing well with booking and it is worrisome of the decisions they could make as it relates to Braun.They could continue on and off him with no real payoff. Brock Lesnar is being built as an unstoppable beast like The Iron Shiek in his day. Braun Strowman like Hogan could be the one to finally beat the beast propelling him to the top.