Stephen Jones is a lot like his father Jerry. They both attended the University of Arkansas, they both have a knack for business and they are eerily the same in the hard-headed category. That being said, it seems that the father and son duo that owns, operates and runs the Dallas Cowboys are in a heated dispute over whether or not they should keep one of their stars or deal him away.

Should he stay or should he go now?

Dez Bryant is one of the most popular figures in the NFL, that can’t be disputed. However, what can be debated is the fact that he may have overstayed his welcome in Big-D and a mutual breakup may be best for both parties.

According to an NBCDFW report, a serious tug-of-war between Dallas owner Jerry Jones and his Executive Vice President, CEO, and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones, who happens to be Jones' son, over whether the team should keep Dez Bryant or try to deal the former Florida State Seminoles star is heating up.

It seems that Jerry Jones wants to keep Bryant on the roster while Stephen has seen enough of the wideout and is determined to start a post-Dez era in Dallas. Whoever wins this battle will have a lot of explaining to do to the fans if it turns out to be a bust, but it won’t be the first time. Back in 1995, Jerry clearly won the Deion Sanders battle to sign the flamboyant all-around all-pro to a seven-year, $35 million deal.

However, the owner may have been talked into cutting wideout Terrell Owens because he was “wrecking the franchise.” Owens hauled in 69 passes for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns, yet was cut that offseason.

Pressure is always on in Big D

One way or the other the Cowboys have to make a decision on Bryant. When it comes to winning, Dallas is football's version of the New York Yankees.

Just having a good season isn't enough. It is Super Bowl or bust when you are talking Dallas Cowboys football, and on the heels of the Philadelphia Eagles winning the big game last season, Dallas knows 2018 cannot be a flop.

A lot of light should be shed on the Dez Bryant subject before, on, or right after the NFL Draft takes place this April.

A possible Bryant trade during the draft could be one possibility for Dallas, but with the Cowboys having the No. 19 selection overall, drafting Alabama’s Calvin Ridley is a definite possibility. According to several NFL Mock Drafts, including, Ridley would be the perfect piece for Dallas’ offense -- and it could be a sign that The Boys are moving on from the Dez Bryant era.

Stay tuned.