There were a lot of rumors heading into the NBA trade deadline that the Cleveland Cavaliers could make a push to trade for Kawhi Leonard -- especially since he was refusing to return from an injury to play for the San Antonio Spurs. With the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs deteriorating, there is no telling if he will remain with the team when the 2018-19 NBA season starts. As a result, ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that there are a number of teams that are putting together possible trade packages to trade for Kawhi this summer and the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of those teams.

What can Cavaliers offer for Kawhi Leonard?

The big thing to keep in mind is that the Cleveland Cavaliers have very little that the San Antonio Spurs would have interest in when it comes to trading for someone the caliber of Kawhi Leonard. However, there are other things that the Cavs have to offer that could sweeten up the deal.

There is little chance that the Cleveland Cavaliers will trade Kevin Love, even if his contract will come to an end at the finish of that season. If LeBron James leaves, Love immediately becomes their biggest star. However, if the Cavs can bring Kawhi Leonard to Cleveland and keeps Love, they can continue to compete with anyone.

There is also no value anymore in Tristan Thompson or J.R.

Smith. What Cleveland would look to do is get a third team involved (although that didn't work out well last summer with the Indiana Pacers. With someone of Kawhi Leonard's talent, the Cavs could finally give up the big draft pick they own from the Brooklyn Nets.

They can't trade the pick straight out anymore, but they could work with the San Antonio Spurs, draft who the Spurs wants and then pull off the trade after the draft.

The Cavaliers could also offer up Cedi Osman, who has looked good this season, and maybe future draft picks as well.

The Cavaliers with Kawhi Leonard

So, what would the Cleveland Cavaliers look like with Kawhi Leonard? If the Cavs keep LeBron James, they would have two of the best small forwards in the NBA. Add in Kevin Love at either power forward or center and Larry Nance Jr.

at center and the Cavaliers lack of depth in their frontcourt becomes a non-issue.

The backcourt is still solid, with names like George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, Jose Calderon and Kyle Korver. Of course, there is a chance the Cleveland Cavaliers could trade some of their backcourt to bring in Kawhi Leonard, but that could change everything once again.