LeBron James has watched his Cleveland Cavaliers fall apart throughout the season due to injuries, and things are not getting better. Kevin Love is finally back but he almost immediately injured his tooth, forcing him to miss another game. Now, the Cavs are missing both George Hill and Kyle Korver with injuries, but they are still looking to fill in their depth chart when it comes to their frontcourt. With the playoffs just two weeks away, LeBron James reached out to a former teammate and former NBA All-Star and convinced him to sign with the Cavaliers to add depth for their playoff run.

LeBron James playoff plans

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached a preliminary agreement with Chris Bosh to rejoin LeBron James as the Cavs try to make up ground against the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. Cavs general manager Koby Altman said this about the signing of Bosh:

“We’re very happy that Chris chose to join us and become part of helping us reach success,” Altman told ESPN. “Chris has proven that he is a leader and the highest caliber competitor. His focus is on the ultimate goal. The commitment and consistency he showed to the game as a former NBA All-Star NBA Champion is remarkable. He is going to be a difference maker for the Cavs.”

According to Altman, it was LeBron James who personally reached out to his former Miami Heat teammate to join the Cavaliers this season.

With the team nearing the playoffs, they still had one open spot on the roster and that spot now belongs to Chris Bosh.

Chris Bosh and his health

Chris Bosh said in an interview last month that he wanted to return to the NBA after blood clotting problems almost ended his career as a basketball star. Now, thanks to LeBron James, he is getting that chance once again with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chris Bosh told ESPN in February that the new NBA proves that people can be stars without playing defense, which makes him believe that he can accomplish what is needed to help a team to sin by staying back and shooting 3's. Bosh said he can "get some of it" if a team gives him a chance.

With LeBron James and Kevin Love as the main scorers on the offense, the other big men don't need to do much.

Larry Nance Jr. will remain the starter at center, and Tristan Thompson is a perfect example of the opposite of what Bosh was talking about considering his lack of offense.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers need to get some points scored from their big men, they won't be getting it from Chris Bosh though because ...

April Fool's Day.