Many Cleveland Cavaliers have been in panic mode for much of the 2017-18 NBA season. With the Cavs preparing for the NBA playoffs in less than two weeks, Cleveland faithful fear that their team doesn't have the talent or skills to reach the NBA Finals for their fourth straight season. However, when asked about the NBA playoffs this season and his current teammates, LeBron James has other ideas. The man has been to seven straight NBA Finals and eight in his NBA career and knows what it takes to make it to the NBA Finals. When talking to reporters, LeBron talked about the NBA playoffs and his team's chances when they start the run to the NBA Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA playoff hopes

The Cleveland Cavaliers opened the 2017-18 NBA season with the hopes of making it back to the NBA Finals without one of their best players in Kyrie Irving -- who they traded to the Boston Celtics. While the Celtics have sat in first place all season long with Irving leading the way, Cleveland struggled with an aging veteran team that included names like LeBron James, Kevin Love, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas.

The NBA trade deadline saw the Cleveland Cavaliers let Wade, Rose and Thomas leave and brought in a number of young stars, including George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance Jr. Now, with the new pieces, LeBron James has a clear view of what the NBA playoffs will look like this season.

When talking to reporters, LeBron James said that the players on this year's Cleveland Cavaliers team have never played together in the NBA playoffs. LeBron said that the Cavs lost their starting point guard this past week, so that will even hurt the team when it comes to the playoffs as well.

LeBron James has NBA playoff prediction

LeBron James said that he has playoff experience, as does J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love. However, only LeBron and Love are starters with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the other three starters (George Hill, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance Jr) have little playoff experience. The Utah Jazz made the NBA playoffs last season, so Hill has experience in the postseason, the Jazz even beating the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round.

Despite this, LeBron James is optimistic. He said that the fan disappointment with the Cleveland Cavaliers regular season means nothing when the NBA playoffs start. As LeBron said, the playoffs are a new season and he thinks they can be "pretty good" when the postseason arrives.

"It's a new season, and we'll see what happens."