Chicago Bulls point guard Jameer Nelson is reportedly being traded again. We know that Jameer was all over the place this season, starting with the Denver Nuggets. He was then waived and the New Orleans Pelicans signed him but he was soon traded to the Chicago Bulls for Nikola Mirotic. He played in Chicago for just a week and is already on the move, again, to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for big man Willie Reed. Two other teams swapped second-round picks in this trade as well.

What did the Bulls get from this trade?

Big man Willie Reed is currently serving a six-game suspension due to a domestic violence incident.

Even though Reed has five more games remaining to sit out, the Chicago Bulls are immediately going to waive him when the trade becomes official, leaving them with the Detroit Pistons' second-round pick and only 16 players on the roster, making room for new players. The Bulls also acquired Tony Allen through the Nikola Mirotic trade, and in an attempt to flip him, yet again, they have allegedly already been in negotiations with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Willie Reed’s last team (Los Angeles Clippers) traded him along with Blake Griffin to the Pistons.

What did the Pistons get from this trade?

This trade is going to reunite Jameer Nelson with his former head coach Stan Van Gundy, who coached him for five seasons in Orlando from 2007-2012.

Nelson was averaging 16.7 points per game back then which was his career-high, along with 50 percent from the field, 45 percent from the three-point line and 88.7 percent from the free-throw line. His role in the 2008-2009 season was a pick-and-roll ball-handler and he also had the job of finding Dwight Howard with precise lob passes.

His role in Detroit Pistons is going to be very similar, because of Pistons All-Star center Andre Drummond who is very similar in athleticism to Dwight Howard and is a great rim protector. Also, the Detroit Pistons have Blake Griffin which they got from a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Blake Griffin is also a very athletic big man who is also skilled at catching lob passes and turning them into points, all of this points out that Jameer Nelson is going to adapt very well in the current Detroit Pistons game-plan, and that this trade is a very smart move from them.

With Detroit’s newfound strengths and the fact that they are unbeaten since the Blake Griffin trade, we could say that they are going to make the playoffs this year.