New York Knicks could improve by signing Kevin Durant in free agency

Kevin Durant with Golden State. - [NBA / YouTube screencap]
Kevin Durant with Golden State. - [NBA / YouTube screencap]

There are a number of players that the Knicks could look at signing during the NBA offseason.

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I think the New York Knicks made a questionable trade by dealing Kristaps Porzingis and three other players to the Dallas Mavericks for DeAndre Jordan, Dennis Smith Jr., and Wesley Matthews. This trade left New York with a lot of future cap room, which could be enough to sign two max-level free agents.

The possible reason for the Knicks trading away their unique, young All-Star, is that they are hoping to land a superstar in the summer when a lot of them, led by Kevin Durant, will hit the market. I will take look at some of the superstars that could go to New York this summer.


Kevin Durant

It looks like the Knicks are pretty sure that they are getting Durant, otherwise, this trade wouldn't have happened. The only question is, who is going to be joining Durant?


Kyrie Irving

Irving is the most possible signing for the Knicks. Just imagine Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving playing together.

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