LeBron filled his All-Star team with players that the L.A. Lakers could sign in the future

LeBron James, image credit (YouTube, NBA)
LeBron James, image credit (YouTube, NBA)

With the first publicly televised NBA All-Star draft finished, let's take a look at the LeBron's most eye-catching picks.

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Blasting News

LeBron James said that he had no hidden intention when picking his All-Star teammates. However, this would be a perfect chance for LeBron to recruit superstars.


Kevin Durant

Durant is becoming a free agent this summer and the Lakers are, among others, a team that will probably try to acquire him.


Kyrie Irving

Irving is another player Los Angeles Lakers are interested in who is going to become a free agent this summer.


Anthony Davis

There is a possibility that the Lakers will get Davis, as they already made some offers.

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