There are only two days left before the NBA trade deadline and the Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to pull the trigger on a move. While they made an offer to the Los Angeles Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, it was nowhere near what the Clippers wanted to hear concerning their big center. However, there is one big thing standing in the way of the Cavs making a huge move that could drastically improve their team this season and hold steady. LeBron James is still considering leaving this summer and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert refuses to trade away the Brooklyn Nets draft pick that he received in the Kyrie Irving trade in case LeBron walks away.

Now, news broke that James has made a huge Decision concerning his future.

What is Lebron James planning?

Because Dan Gilbert is making it sound like he doesn't care if LeBron James stays or leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron seems to have a bad taste in his mouth. James controls his own destiny since he has a no-trade clause built into his contract and has refused, up until now, to waive that clause to move to a different team.

Now, NBC Sports reports that LeBron James is responding to Dan Gilbert in an "adversarial" manner and he still refuses to waive his no-trade clause two days before the NBA trade deadline, leaving Gilbert no option but to hold onto the Nets draft pick to protect his team for the future.

What this means for the Cavaliers

When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers the first time, Dan Gilbert responded to the move with a letter that bashed his former star player.The two had hard feelings for years but seemed to work things out when James returned to Cleveland and Gilbert promised to spend big to help him win more titles.

It worked.

Since LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they have made it to the NBA Finals every season. They only have one title to show for it, beating the Golden State Warriors once and losing to them the other two times. Gilbert kept his promise to James and spent huge. However, with LeBron refusing to reveal whether he would stay or leave Cleveland, Gilbert made a stand.

Dan Gilbert sought to trade Kyrie Irving and when the point guard found out, he demanded a trade. Gilbert made the trade and got the valuable Brooklyn Nets draft pick in return. However, if Gilbert traded that away, and LeBron left after this season, he would lose his top two stars and have nothing to show for it outside of Isaiah Thomas - who is also becoming a free agent.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have two days to make a trade to improve this season for a fourth NBA Finals run. LeBron James refuses to leave, so the team might be forced to hold steady and hope the team turns things around before the season ends.